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  • Alec Chenkus

Are Dank Vapes Safe?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Dank Vapes - Be Cautious
Dank Vapes and other non-licensed cannabis cartridges.

We hear a lot about Dank Vapes, and with the recent news of individuals being hospitalized due to black market THC vape cartridges, we felt this was a topic that we should address.

To clear up one of the most common misconceptions we hear: Dank Vapes is not a cannabis processing entity. Dank Vapes has no licensed operations in the United States for cannabis processing. Rather, Dank Vapes is simply a company that seemingly manufactures packaging.

Filling Cannabis Cartridges
Individual filling cannabis cartridges with distillate.

What this essentially means is that anytime you see a Dank Vapes cart, it means that this has been manufactured by an unknown entity with unknown ingredients, unless you happen to know the processor filling the carts.

The main concern associated with cannabis (dab) carts at this time are the additives that can be included in the pens have possible adverse effects when heated and vaporized. Some of the more common ingredients used to "cut" the carts, or make them look lighter in color to portray higher-quality, include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or MCT oil.

Cannabis Distillate
High-quality cannabis distillate will generally have this transparent golden color with a thick consistency.

Now that patients are looking for a thick consistency in their carts, cart makers have responded by adding new cutting agents designed to mask the dilution. Many think that this has caused this new spike in hospitalizations, however, there is no definitive way to be sure.

These hospitalizations in other states have shown the importance of ensuring that your cannabis has been lab-tested and approved as safe for medical use. Whether it's a cart from another state-approved program, or from right here in Ohio's medical marijuana program, you can feel confident that you will not need to worry about your medicine negatively impacting your health.


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