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  • Jordan T. Smith

Ohioans With Autism Could Receive Access to Medical Marijuana

People living with autism or taking care of someone that has an autism diagnosis are likely open to learning about any possible solution that could help with symptoms. Those individuals would be pleased with the recent developments in the Ohio State house to add autism to the list of conditions approved for medical marijuana. Adding autism to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana has the potential to be pivotal for hundreds of Ohioans seeking alternative methods of care for dealing with an autism diagnosis. For more insights about recent efforts to get autism added as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Ohio, continue reading below.

The Ohio House of Representatives Recently Passed a Bill that Would Allow For People Diagnosed With Autism to Try Medical Marijuana

Ohio lawmakers know about the desire for autism to become one of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Regardless, getting it added has been an uphill climb until recently. Thanks to Ohioans who have continually requested that autism be added to the list of qualifying conditions, the State Medical Board received new petitions for autism as part of its annual review of potential new conditions for the program. Requests to get autism added to the list of qualifying conditions were denied as recently as last year.

Fortunately, for people dealing with an autism diagnosis, the recent bill passed by the Ohio house isn’t the only pathway for autism to join the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Another way they could potentially treat symptoms of autism with medical marijuana is with the passage of Senate Bill 261. If ratified into law, this bill would allow doctors to approve medical marijuana for any condition that could “reasonably be expected to be relieved” by cannabis. Essentially, the passage of Senate Bill 261 would fundamentally overhaul Ohio’s medical marijuana program entirely.

Other States Have Legalized Medical Marijuana for People With Autism

To put it nicely, Ohio’s medical marijuana program is slightly behind other states that offer medical marijuana to its residents living with autism. If the Ohio State house were to approve autism for medical marijuana, Ohio would be the 18th state that allows its residents to do so. Even though more research needs to be conducted, the science behind medical marijuana as a solution for autism is promising. Ohio allowing its residents with autism to access medical marijuana would at least give them the chance to take part in potentially life-changing medical alternatives.

The current list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana consists of a host of conditions ranging from chronic pain to neurological diseases. Residents diagnosed with one of the 25 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana have access to a vast selection of medical marijuana products at Ohio dispensaries. Those products range from medical marijuana flower to concentrates and cartridges. In order to start using medical marijuana for a qualifying condition, a medical marijuana card must be obtained.

If You Have a Qualifying Condition, Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Is Simple

Even though autism isn’t a qualifying condition for medical marijuana just yet, all indications show that it's just a matter of time before that changes. When that does change, being able to obtain medical marijuana starts with making an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who can provide you with a medical marijuana card. They’ll also be able to answer any of the questions you have about the best ways to approach treating autism with medical marijuana. News around conditions that qualify Ohioans for medical marijuana is changing constantly. Since that’s the case, follow us on social media to stay abreast of the latest news and updates regarding autism being added to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Ohio.


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