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  • Jordan T. Smith

Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana for Tourette’s Syndrome

Living with Tourette’s syndrome can be detrimental on various levels. From untimely vocal spasms to bouts of anxiety, Tourette’s symptoms can seem like an unbearable burden. And that’s especially the case when people don’t have access to products that provide an adequate level of relief from those symptoms. Fortunately, when it comes to Tourette's syndrome, medical marijuana has shown it’s capability of alleviating a number of its most detrimental symptoms. Here are a few ways medical marijuana can help people overcome symptoms caused by Tourette’s syndrome:

Medical Marijuana Has the Ability to Block Tics and Spasms

The onset of random ticks and spasms can make functioning in society seemingly impossible, especially when they’re severe. Those tics are sometimes vocal ones, like grunting, throat clearing, or repeating certain phrases constantly, and some people deal with more complex motor tics. These can entail jumping, shoulder shrugging, or head twisting. Clearly, these symptoms can have an adverse effect on a person’s attempt to live a regular life.

It’s encouraging that medical marijuana has emerged as an effective resource in helping manage these symptoms associated with Tourette’s syndrome. There’s research offering evidence towards the efficacy of medical marijuana for the alleviation of ticks related to Tourette’s syndrome that date back to 2003. Studies conducted more recently continue to uphold these claims. In fact, a 2017 study that included 19 patients with Tourette’s syndrome found that medical marijuana reduced their ticks by 60%.

Medical Marijuana Can Make It Easier for People With Tourettes to Sleep at Night

Symptoms caused by Tourette’s syndrome, like spasms or anxiety, often make it difficult to get a full night's rest. Anyone that’s ever had to operate on just a few hours of sleep knows that not getting an adequate amount of rest has a whole host of negative side effects on its own. Aside from having to manage ailments like ticks throughout the day, people living with Tourette’s are also forced to deal with ongoing drowsiness and a lack of focus. Treating symptoms of insomnia with medical marijuana can make getting a full night’s rest easier than ever imagined.

There is an immense amount of research that backs up medical marijuana’s effectiveness as a sleeping aid. Ultimately, when relying on medical marijuana for better sleep, it’s important to choose products that are higher in THC than CBD. Patients in Ohio’s medical marijuana program have access to a wide variety of strains that are rich in THC, too. At Bloom Medicinals statewide, Butterfly Effect from Grow Ohio has a THC percentage of 23% and is on sale now!

Medical Marijuana Has the Ability to Ease Symptoms of OCD Caused by Tourette's Syndrome

One of the more insidious symptoms caused by Tourette’s syndrome is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly referred to as OCD. Even though the symptoms are harder to spot, they can still be disruptive. It’s also common for people diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome to exhibit symptoms of OCD. Research from the CDC shows that more than one-third of people living with Tourette’s also have OCD.

Medical marijuana is effective in helping to alleviate OCD symptoms too. A study conducted by Washington State University in 2020 testing the benefits of medical marijuana in people with OCD displayed surprising results revealing that cannabis consumption among users with OCD reduced their compulsions by 60%, their unwanted thoughts by 49%, and their anxiety by 52%. There are a variety of products to help people living with OCD-related symptoms at medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state. To acces these products, you’ll just need a medical marijuana card.

Ohio Is One of Seven States in the Nation Where Medical Marijuana is Available for Tourette’s Syndrome - All It Takes Is a Medical Marijuana Card

The benefits of medical marijuana for Tourette’s syndrome are immense. Having access to medical marijuana for Tourette’s is a privilege not afforded to many throughout the country. People living with Tourette’s syndrome in Ohio are among the fortunate few who are able to treat their symptoms with medical marijuana. To start doing so, make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician. They’re kind, caring, knowledgeable and can get you approved for a medical marijuana card today! If you’re living with Tourette’s syndrome and hoping for more therapeutic relief than your typical medicine provides, it’s time to get your marijuana card sooner rather than later.


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