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  • Jordan T. Smith

Ohio’s Latest News About Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

It’s no secret that the idea of marijuana legalization has picked up steam in recent years. States like Colorado and Washington saw many benefits from doing so, and there are a variety of reasons why states like Ohio benefit from legalizing the use and sales of cannabis aside from tax revenue.

Allowing recreational sales of cannabis provides an infrastructure for eliminating black market sales, which in turn helps eliminate crime and prevents the sale of laced products with dangerous additives. Right now in Ohio, the only way for citizens to access safe, trusted cannabis products is by qualifying for medical marijuana.

That may be changing soon thanks to a recently-validated petition from the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CTRMLA). The proposal was validated by the State, so the process of legislative review of the proposed legislation can begin. Even though the validation of the petition doesn’t require the passage of the proposed legislation, it give lawmakers the next four months to take action on it.

State lawmakers can choose to adopt the measure, pass an altered version of it, or reject it entirely. Rejecting the legislation would allow the CTRMLA to collect an additional 132,887 signatures from registered Ohio voters in hopes of getting it on the ballot this coming November.

For more insight about the proposed legislation, continue reading below.

What the CTRMLA Recreational Marijuana Proposal Would Allow

The specifics of the legislation proposed by the CTRMLA are fairly straightforward.

If enacted, the proposal from the CTRMLA would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, along with up to 15 grams of marijuana concentrates. Additionally, individuals would be allowed to grow up to six plants for their own use, and there would be a 12 plant limit per household.

The measure would also allow for the retail sales of cannabis products. Products purchased at recreational cannabis dispensaries would come with a 10% tax, and revenue from the tax would go towards initiatives like addiction treatment programs, a social equity, and a job program.

Even though the proposal from the CTRMLA is the most recent legislative action towards legalizing cannabis in Ohio, it’s far from being the only piece of legislation related to cannabis legalization being considered.

The Legislation Proposed by the CTRMLA Coalition Isn’t the Only Bill That Could Clear the Way for Marijuana Legalization in Ohio

There are multiple pieces of legislation that have been proposed from both sides of the aisle with the potential to legalize cannabis in Ohio.

In October of 2021, Ohio Republican Jamie Callendar revealed a proposal that, if passed, would allow Ohioans 21 and older to purchase and possess cannabis. The bill’s co-sponsor, Ohio Republican Ron Ferguson, would provide regulations for licensing cannabis growers, retailers and distributors. Home cultivation would be limited, while tax revenue from cannabis sales would be split among law enforcement, mental health, addiction treatment, recovery services and the state’s general revenue fund.

The cannabis legalization legislation filed by Ohio democrats Casey Weinstein and Terrance Upchurch during July of 2021 is vastly different from the proposal of their republican counterparts. This bill would legalize the possession of up to five ounces of cannabis for adults 21 and older, while allowing for the cultivation of up to 12 plants for personal use. The bill would call for a 10% tax on marijuana sales, and tax revenue would initially go towards the cost of implementation. The rest of the revenue would be split among municipalities that had at least one operating recreational marijuana dispensary, counties with at least one dispensary, K-12 education and infrastructure.

Right Now Medical Marijuana Is the Only Way to Legally Purchase and Consume Cannabis in Ohio

Even though there are a variety of opportunities for cannabis to be legalized in Ohio, none of them have been set in stone. Taking that into consideration, the only way to purchase and consume marijuana in Ohio free of legal ramifications is with a medical marijuana card.

Fortunately, the process of approval for medical marijuana is simple. All it takes is making an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana physician who can get you approved.

Even if and when recreational cannabis does come to the Buckeye State, it will still likely be much more costly than medical marijuana. That’s not the only reason why registering for a medical marijuana card is a necessity for people that benefit from cannabis consumption in Ohio. Having a card eliminates much of the worry that comes with purchasing cannabis through the illicit market, while offering access to better, more effective cannabis products too!


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