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Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

Updated: May 24, 2022

Dealing with a traumatic brain injury is one of the most frightening situations a person could find themselves in. Given the long-term ramifications that can result following a traumatic brain injury, people that are in the process of recovering from one benefit from using every resource at their disposal. One resource that many people don’t realize is capable of providing relief to people recovering from a traumatic brain injury is medical marijuana. For more details about the benefits that medical marijuana offers to people recovering from a traumatic brain injury, continue reading below.

Medical Marijuana Is Capable of Alleviating Numerous Symptoms Associated With Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the biggest reasons why medical marijuana has gained such widespread acceptance in recent years is because of its pain relieving qualities. Those qualities can be instrumental in aiding people along their road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury. One of the reasons why medical marijuana can be instrumental in helping patients recover from traumatic brain injuries in particular is because of the role it plays in reducing inflammation. That’s the case because medical marijuana is capable of preventing the body from releasing cytokines, which are capable of causing inflammation following a traumatic brain injury.

Medical marijuana is also capable of helping ease numerous other symptoms aside from relieving pain. Those symptoms include relieving insomnia, stimulating appetite and quelling nausea. By making it easier to perform basic, essential tasks like eating a meal or getting a full night’s sleep, medical marijuana could lead to a drastic improvement in the quality of life of anyone recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Medical Marijuana Could Be Helpful In Preserving Cognitive Ability Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Aside from relieving some of the most painful symptoms that result from a traumatic brain injury, cannabis can also help prevent it from having lasting effects. One of the biggest fears that persists among people that have suffered from a traumatic brain injury is the eventual onset of diseases like CTE. Fortunately cannabis has proven to be effective in helping to preserve cognitive functions following a traumatic brain injury. CBD in particular contains neuroprotective qualities.

The catch is that research shows that cannabinoids administered shortly before, or one to three days after a traumatic brain injury helps protect against brain cells. This means sooner after a traumatic brain injury takes place, the more likely it is the patient won’t suffer from a loss of cognitive functions over time. That’s the case because the cannabinoids help protect brain cells by initiating a biochemical process after consumption. There are a variety of options of cannabis consumption available to medical marijuana patients, too.

Details About Medical Marijuana Products Capable of Relieving Symptoms

One of the reasons lots of people have avoided medical marijuana is because of the antiquated idea that smoking is the only way cannabis can be consumed. Such a belief actually couldn’t be any further from the truth. Some of the medical marijuana products available at Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that are capable of providing patients recovering from a traumatic brain injury with relief without sacrificing lung or heart health include:

  • Edibles There are a variety of medical marijuana edibles patients can choose from at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries. They include gummies, brownies, drinks and other traditional snacks. The keys to maximizing the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana edibles are consuming the correct dosage and proper storage.

  • Tinctures

Another option available to people seeking the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana without the potential for health risks as a result is medical marijuana tinctures. Similar to edibles, there are a multitude of options for medical marijuana patients to choose from, too. The most important thing to keep in mind regarding medical marijuana tincture is that they’re most effective when consumed sublingually, underneath the tongue.

  • Topicals

Aside from the fact that they allow medical marijuana patients the benefit of avoiding potential health ramifications that can occur with vaping, topicals also provide centralized relief to patients dealing with pain caused by a traumatic brain injury. Medical marijuana topicals come in the form of balms, patches and lotions. Patients also benefit from the fact that medical marijuana topicals provide patients with relief without impairment.

Ohioans Recovering From a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Legally Obtain Medical Marijuana - Here’s How

Given the benefits medical marijuana offers to people overcoming a traumatic brain injury, people that have recently dealt with one gain immensely from adding it to their recovery regimen. Doing so is fairly simple, too. All it takes for someone recovering from a traumatic brain injury to receive a medical marijuana card is an appointment with a medical marijuana physician. Not only could that physician get you approved for a medical marijuana card, they’ll also be capable of constructing a patient care plan capable of helping maximize the therapeutic effects cannabis offers. Obtaining a medical marijuana card could provide you with levels of relief that have you feeling like your normal self again before you know it, so give it a chance today!

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