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  • Alec Chenkus

Bloom Medicinals in Painesville: A Patient-Centric Experience

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Bloom Medicinals in Painesville Exterior of Building
Exterior of Bloom Medicinals in Painesville

East-Clevelanders now have a reliable dispensary as Bloom Medicinals in Painesville opened last month! Located at 382 Blackbrook Road, the facility is easily recognizable by its bright red brick and white accenting. There is ample parking, including handicap parking directly in front of the entrance.

Upon entering the dispensary, you will encounter a spacious and inviting welcome area where you will check in at the front desk and talk with Bloom team members. The check-in process is simple and convenient, and in no time you are welcomed back to the Show Room.

Bloom Medicinals Marijuana Dispensary in Painesville Interior Show Room
Bloom Medicinals' Show Room, with screens and smell jars to go over menu options.

The Show Room is bright and open, allowing you to easily navigate across the menu and different strains that are available to look at and smell in display jars. Although newly opened, Bloom Medicinals offers patients products from a variety of different Ohio cultivators and processors, giving patients ample options that will be helpful for an array of medical conditions and symptoms.

If you are new to medical marijuana treatment and feel a sense of hesitation, then Bloom Medicinals should be a mandatory visit if possible. The team makes it clear that their priority is patient experience, spending as much time as needed in order to answer any and all questions that a patient may have. This includes the option to request a private consultation, in which you can privately discuss the exact symptoms that you want to be addressed so that you get the right product that will provide the highest level of relief.

Bloom Medicinals Marijuana Dispensary Interior Private Consultation Room
Bloom Medicinals' private consultation rooms where you can speak with experts.

All of the team members at Bloom Medicinals are outwardly friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable. This means that any time you visit Bloom Medicinals, you will be speaking with qualified individuals that are focused on providing strains and products that will give you the exact relief that you are looking for. The vision of Bloom Medicinals is led by Executive training and certification from the Cleveland School of Cannabis, meaning few other cannabis entities - if any - have such a strong grasp on the specific needs of Ohioans.

For any patients that qualify under "Veteran" or "Indigent" status, Bloom Medicinals offers a 25% discount for any products in the dispensary. I would describe Bloom Medicinals as Patient-Centric, and initiatives such as these discounts represent the goal of setting a new standard in Ohio dispensaries - both in pricing and experience.

Bloom Medicinals Marijuana Dispensary in Painesville Team Photo with OMC Manager Alec Chenkus
The wonderful team at Bloom Medicinals in Painesville, including John, Valerie, Brooke, and Teri.

Now let's talk about the product selection! (Click here for menu)

Bloom Medicinals currently has products available from Firelands Scientific, Buckeye Relief, Cresco Labs, Standard Wellness, Grow Ohio, and Wellspring Fields. Flower options are mainly available in the "Ohio Tenth" (2.83 grams) and can range from $33 to $52. There are products available in hybrid, sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and CBD-dominant strains.

In addition to options in the Ohio tenth, Bloom Medicinals also offers a handful of strains in half oz (14.15 grams) packages for $150-$185, representing some of the lowest pricing in the entire State!

For those patients that have been waiting and looking out for more processed products to be available, Bloom Medicinals will be your go-to choice. With processed products such as tinctures, edibles, and concentrated oil syringes already available from Grow Ohio ("Butterfly Effect") and Standard Wellness ("The Standard"), Bloom Medicinals expects to have brand new processed products available from the two newest processors in Ohio - Buckeye Relief and Wellspring Fields.

Wellspring Fields became the first processor in Ohio to introduce concentrated wax to the market, with Bloom Medicinals serving as one of the only dispensaries so far to carry these products! Currently, there are four strains available in wax form: Bubba Kush, Harborcoat, Grape Pie, and Shangri-Lotus. These products range from 556 mg of THC to 1209 mg of THC, meaning you can choose a strain that works best for your desired dosage. All of the strains are priced at $60 and come in 1 gram packages, aside from Grape Pie which is available in a 1.7612 gram package.

In addition to bringing concentrates to Ohio dispensaries, Buckeye Relief also has plans to introduce the first topical and lotion options in the State. Bloom Medicinals expects to receive the processed products from Buckeye Relief and and more products from Wellspring Fields within the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on our social media for an announcement when they officially become available for purchase!

For those patients looking for edible options, Bloom Medicinals is also one of the first dispensaries in Ohio to offer Standard Wellness' edible gummies selection. This includes "Gumm-Ease" and "Gibsonburg Gummies"; Gumm-Ease are processed from the strain Gorilla Glue and come in a 55 mg package of 5.5 mg (THC) gummies for $45 while the Gibsonburg Gummies are available in 109/110 mg packages of 8 mg and 9 mg (THC) gummies for $55.

Overall, I couldn't recommend Bloom Medicinals any more highly. Whether you are a first-time patient, or an experienced cannabis user, Bloom Medicinals will take the time and offer the appropriate consultation and recommendations so that you can get the relief you deserve.

If you are interested in learning more about Bloom Medicinals, be sure to check out our page that includes a link to their menu and a digital new patient intake form to save yourself time on the first visit. You can also learn more about Bloom Medicinals on their website.


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