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  • Nicki Warren

Breaking: Ohio's Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers Receive Fee Reduction to $0.01 and Anticipate Full Elimination Soon

In a promising development for Ohio's medical marijuana community, the Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) has taken a significant step toward reducing financial burdens on patients and caregivers. On March 4, 2024, the DCC implemented a nominal one-cent registration fee while eagerly working towards a complete elimination of the fee. This move aims to provide immediate relief to those navigating the often costly landscape of medical marijuana use.

Current State of Fees

As of now, patients are required to pay $50 annually, while caregivers shoulder a $25 annual fee. Recognizing the financial strain this may impose, the DCC has submitted a proposal to the Common Sense Initiative, seeking to eliminate these fees entirely. While awaiting the necessary technological updates to the Medical Marijuana Patient & Caregiver Registry, the DCC has taken an interim step by reducing the fee to a symbolic one cent.

Important Details for Patients and Caregivers

Beginning March 4, 2024, the reduced fee of $0.01 applies automatically to the patient or caregiver's registration during checkout. It is essential to note that this reduction is not a permanent state, but rather a short-term measure while the DCC collaborates with its software vendor to implement the necessary changes for full fee elimination.

Patients and caregivers should be aware that the reduced fee is applicable to both new registrations and renewals. However, the DCC emphasizes the non-refundable nature of all fees and regrets its inability to process refund requests.

Future Plans and Communication

The DCC is committed to keeping the medical marijuana community informed. Patients and caregivers can anticipate updates from the Division regarding the complete removal of fees from the registry, with an estimated timeline for late spring. This transparency ensures that those affected clearly understand when they can expect further financial relief.

Encouraging Continuity Within the MMCP

Despite the fee reduction, the DCC encourages patients and caregivers to remain active within the Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP). Staying enrolled in the program has several advantages, including regular consultations with physicians regarding qualifying conditions, continued access to medical marijuana from operational dispensaries, and potential discounts offered by these dispensaries.

Moreover, remaining within the MMCP exempts medical marijuana sales from the 10% excise tax applied to non-medical sales per the approved statute. Patients and caregivers should consider these benefits when deciding whether to maintain their enrollment.

Considerations for Employers and Legal Perspectives

Employers have been granted discretion in establishing drug-free workplace policies. Some employers may consider the status of an employee as a medical marijuana patient when formulating these policies. Similarly, individuals under court supervision who are also medical marijuana patients may find that their status is taken into consideration.


In the midst of ongoing advancements in medical marijuana legislation, Ohio's patients and caregivers can take solace in the DCC's commitment to easing financial burdens. The reduction of fees to a mere one cent serves as an immediate measure while the Division actively works towards full elimination. As the community awaits further updates, patients and caregivers are encouraged to stay informed and connected through the resources provided by the MMCP at The journey towards more accessible and affordable medical marijuana in Ohio is undoubtedly gaining momentum.

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