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Cresco - Gold Leaf Sponsor of the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus

We’re pleased to announce Cresco as a Gold Leaf Sponsor of the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus next week. Cresco prides itself on being the most trusted and fastest-growing cannabis company in the industry, offering a wide range of brands for all consumers at their Sunnyside stores. Whether you are new to medical marijuana or a self-proclaimed expert, you won’t want to miss out on hearing about Cresco and its many brands of marijuana products!

Research and Development

Cresco doesn’t lack in the development aspect of their business. Just last month, Creso launched Black Cherry and Peach gummy edibles in Ohio.

Their black cherry-flavored gummies feature a CBN and THC Indica effect to help achieve a better night’s sleep, so you can enjoy life’s best moments the next day. They contain 10 gummies per pouch and 50mg CBN/100mg THC Indica (1∶2) per pouch. There is 5 mg CBN/10 mg THC Indica per gummy.

The peach-flavored gummies offer a Hybrid THC effect formulated with CBD for those who want cannabis to help them relax and recharge. They come with 10 gummies per pouch and 100 mg CBD/100 mg THC Hybrid (1:1) per pouch. There’s 10 CBD/10 mg THC Hybrid per gummy.

Strains - The Cresco Strain Library

As of 4/20 this year, the Cresco cannabis brand offers a Strain Library as an excellent resource for patients to understand the products they’re purchasing at dispensaries. This can be found on their website,

By utilizing the Strain Library, consumers can find strain lineage, terpenes, reported effects, and more for each of Cresco’s 80 strains. The Strain Library is one of their most visited web pages across all of their House of Brand websites, and for good reason!

In terms of popularity, strain popularity is different state by state and based on available strains. But in Ohio specifically, Cresco has learned that Rollins and Bio Jesus are two of the most popular strains.

New Products!

Cresco is excited to launch more edible offerings – gummies and mints – under their Wonder Wellness brand this year.

Created to take the guesswork out of cannabis, Wonder Wellness’ portfolio offers low-dose, approachable forms like gummies and mints that are simple to use with packaging that is easy to understand. Their goal is that cannabis newcomers can explore the plant and control their experience with confidence.

Why Choose Cresco

Cresco has Sunnyside stores throughout the state of Ohio. Cresco stores stand apart from others, as they offer a sophisticated retail design aesthetic- bright, open, welcoming, and with beautiful displays. Their stores provide a highly curated assortment of brands and forms while creating a convenient and stress-free shopping experience!

You’ll have the opportunity to speak with Cresco staff at the Ohio Marijuana Expo, so don’t miss out! Purchase tickets at


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