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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Capsules

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

What are cannabis capsules

There are several different methods by which patients can consume cannabis. One method often overlooked is cannabis capsules. This may seem like one of the more ‘boring’ methods of consumption, but for some patients, capsules are a quick and convenient way to consume their medication and achieve the relief they seek for their medical condition.

What is a cannabis capsule?

Basically, a cannabis capsule is marijuana in a pill form. Cannabis capsules are available in different formulations, full-spectrum, strain-specific, and even decarboxylated. Capsules give medical marijuana patients plenty of options to suit their individual medical needs. Capsules are a popular choice for patients because it’s easy to control dosing, providing for consistent effects. Also, capsules are easy! Patients don’t need to deal with the added hassles of vaporizing their medicine.

How do marijuana capsules work?

Immediate-release capsules provide patients with effects similar to those achieved by other edibles. The pill is taken orally, absorbed by the stomach, and then metabolized by the liver. Everyone’s liver metabolizes differently, which is why some users experience different effects than others. This is why recommending physicians often advise patients who are new to using medical marijuana to start low and go slow. Although Ohio does not currently have time-release options available for capsules, other states’ medical marijuana programs have this product type available. Time-released capsules provide individuals the same effects as edibles and immediate-release capsules but deliver the effects over a longer period of time. This is similar to other prescription medications. These are popular among some patients because they do not have to worry about taking their medication several times throughout the day. Instead, the capsule releases the medication gradually into the body over a longer course of time.

Why capsules?

Capsules are also a popular choice for patients who like to avoid sugars and fats found in edibles. They are also a great alternative for patients who are diabetic or have other food allergies that are found in certain edibles. Something else that is unique about capsules, is that you can also purchase ones that contain CBD. This is great for minimizing the psychoactive effects that THC provides. Capsules containing higher concentrations of CBD area great way for beginners to introduce edibles or capsules into their medical marijuana program and avoid unwanted effects brought on by THC.

Capsules are available for purchase at dispensaries across the state from countless cultivatorsprocessorsDue to various dosages and THC to CBD ratios, and depending on your unique medical condition, pricing for capsules tends to vary between brands and dispensaries.

Capsules are a great option for patients. Cannabis affects everyone differently and capsules may not work best for your unique medical condition. We encourage you to inquire with your recommending physician about the best options for your medical condition.

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