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  • Jordan T. Smith

Facts About Using Medical Marijuana for Tourette’s Syndrome

Even though medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, lots of people still have reservations about relying on it to treat the medical conditions they’re dealing with. Given the amount of misinformation that surrounds the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, it’s understandable why people still have reservations about it. Regardless, medical marijuana is an effective resource in helping people overcome a variety of conditions including Tourette’s syndrome. In order to effectively use medical marijuana to overcome symptoms related to Tourette’s condition, keep the following facts in mind:

There Are a Variety of Medical Marijuana Products That Can Alleviate Symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome

Among the many myths regarding medical marijuana usage is that using it comes at the expense of lung health. Since there are so many medical marijuana treatment options to choose from, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. The treatment options that are available in Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries include a broad selection of tinctures, topicals, and edibles. Having a wide variety of medical marijuana treatment options to choose from makes it so patients never feel like their only option for relief is smoking cannabis.

People that don’t have reservations about inhaling their medical marijuana have a wide variety of options too, like medical marijuana concentrates, cartridges, and flower. It’s important for medical marijuana patients to remember that medical marijuana flower can be vaporized, so if you’re considering vaping medical marijuana to overcome Tourette’s symptoms, it’s time to find a vaporizer that works for you.

Multiple Experiments Have Proven That Medical Marijuana Is Effective for Tourette’s Syndrome

Some people may be wary about using medical marijuana to treat symptoms associated with Tourette’s syndrome is that they may not understand how it helps. Fortunately, there’s a considerable amount of research that proves how medical marijuana is capable of treating multiple symptoms associated with Tourette’s syndrome. Some of the earliest research that has been conducted regarding medical marijuana for Tourette’s syndrome dates back to 1999. That study entailed a 25-year old male patient taking a 10 mg dose of delta-9 THC which led to his total tic severity score falling from 41 to 7.

More studies on medical marijuana for Tourette’s syndrome have confirmed that study, as more recent research conducted in 2017 at the University of Toronto revealed that cannabis had the ability to reduce OCD related symptoms, anxiety, irritability and rage outbursts. 18 of the 19 participants in that study also experienced less tic severity. These are just a couple of the dozens of experiments conducted that prove how potent medical marijuana can be at alleviating symptoms caused by Tourette’s. Ohioans living with Tourette’s syndrome can experience the relief medical marijuana provides by obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Medical Marijuana Is Available for People in Ohio Living With Tourettes - All It Takes Is a Medical Marijuana Card

When alleviating symptoms related to Tourette’s syndrome, any option that provides a pathway to a happier, healthier, more comfortable life should be considered. That’s where medical marijuana comes into play. There are thousands of people across the nation who have experienced an improved lifestyle thanks to their medical marijuana consumption. In order to have the same experience, make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who can get you approved for a medical marijuana card today!


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