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Great Strains to Wake Up With

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Thereʼs nothing quite like pairing a particularly buzzy strain with a strong cup of

coffee to get the most out of your morning. But if youʼre cutting caffeine or just

want to double up on the scent of a freshly brewed mug, fragrant cannabis can be

the answer to your coffee cravings.

Here are some great strains to pair with your favorite coffee aroma, to take your

wake & bake to the next level.

Chocolate Thai- A coffee and cannabis loverʼs dream lies in the uplifting

Chocolate Thai strain. With a strong mix of coffee and chocolate flavors, pungent

nugs of this classic landrace firmly puts the “bake” in “wake and bake.”

Malawi - Wears a coat of resin that, when smoked, can produce extra energetic

effects. A strain thatʼs truly spirited, this flower-forward number will enhance your

exercise routine or give you that extra pop of intensity for crushing work


Caramel Candy Kush- Skip the sugar-high mochas and reach for Caramel Candy

Kush to start your day on the sweet side—or treat yourself and go for both! Notes

of caramel and fruit hit your senses first, and a light coffee finish carries you off

before tackling the remainder of the day.

Tangilope- Just like a strong cup of coffee, Tangilope will leave you bursting with

energy and ready to take on the day. Itʼs a great choice for weekends spent

running errands, doing chores, and getting back on track. A hint of coffee

accompanies heavy citrus flavors for a truly buzzy taste.

Bubba Kush - Offering a mouthwatering blend of chocolate and coffee in its

sweeter notes. Vaporize this strain for an extra-chill morning and a relaxing body


Source: Leafly - Hannah Meadows


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