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  • Bailey Porras

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, and you can get your medical card today to gain access to dispensaries. Marijuana is a natural alternative medicine that can help with a myriad of symptoms and medical conditions.

Hundreds of thousands of Ohio residents already have their medical card and are using cannabis to treat their qualifying conditions. If you think cannabis could improve your quality of life, there is a good chance you qualify for your medical card!

Unfortunately, the State of Ohio does not provide protection to medical marijuana card holders from drug testing in the workplace. Employers can decide whether they want to recognize an employee’s medical card as an exemption from the process.

Some companies require mandatory drug testing, and even if you have your medical card, you can still be let go for testing positive. It is really up to the discretion of the company, so it’s very important that you ask your employer about their policies.

No matter what, it’s important to be aware of how long marijuana can stay in your system for personal knowledge. Keep in mind that the type of drug test used, among other factors, plays a huge role in how long the THC will show up in your system.

Types of Drug Tests

There are four main types of drug tests, but some are used more often than others. The four main types of drug tests for THC are urine, blood, hair, and saliva. Some of the factors that can influence how long a drug stays in your system are:

  • Body mass

  • Frequency of drug use

  • Type of drug used

  • Amount of drug used

  • How much you eat

  • Hydration levels

  • Gender/body weight

Urine tests are by far the most frequently used drug tests for employment. They are easy, quick, cheap, and relatively non-invasive.

The best way to pass a urine test on short notice is to flush your system. Basically, increase your fluid intake and drink as much water as possible. This will dilute the concentration of the drug in your system.

Saliva tests are not as commonly used due to their narrow detection window. These tests can only pick up THC if you have smoked within 72 hours of the test. They also come up with false positives more often than some of the other tests.

Blood tests are good indicators of recent drug use, detecting THC for up to 48 hours after last use. They are a popular choice for law enforcement, because if you test positive for THC on a blood sample, it is likely that you are currently intoxicated.

These tests are expensive to administer and invasive, making them a less than popular option for employee drug testing.

Hair tests are only used about 10% of the time in an employment setting. Hair tests have the largest detection window and can detect THC for up to 90 days after last use. That’s right…three months!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!

Ohio continues to expand its medical marijuana program and make residents’ lives easier by passing new progressive legislation. The addition of new qualifying conditions means that many more people will now be eligible for their medical card.

If you think you could benefit from medical cannabis, there is a good chance you qualify!

You need your medical card to access any of Ohio’s medical dispensaries. Not to worry, because it is now easier than ever to get your card with Ohio Marijuana Card!

In Ohio, there are many conditions that may make you eligible for medical marijuana, and we hope the program continues to expand by adding more conditions soon! If you have questions about whether you qualify, we can help with that too!

In order to visit a dispensary in the State of Ohio, you will need your medical marijuana card. With telemedicine, you can even get your card from the comfort of your own home!

If you don’t already have your card, we can help! You can even have your appointment from the comfort of your own home and get your recommendation on the same day!

Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today to see if you qualify.


Doctors Who Care.

Relief You Can Trust.

Here at Ohio Marijuana Card, our goal is to help everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

If you have any questions, call us at (866) 457-5559, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!


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