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Interview With Dr. Moy, Ohio Marijuana Card Physician

Ohio Marijuana Card has been writing recommendations for medical marijuana in Ohio since the summer of 2018. Since that time, we have seen thousands of patients all across the Buckeye State. As a result, more Ohioans have had their medical marijuana evaluations through Ohio Marijuana Card's doctors than anywhere else in the state!

And right from that summer, Dr. Julianne Moy, who practices out of Ohio Marijuana Card's Columbus offices, has been at our side, writing recommendations for medical marijuana to qualifying patients in Ohio. recently sat down with Dr. Moy to discuss medical marijuana in Ohio, and to discuss the opioid crisis that has affected so many Ohioans all throughout the Buckeye State. Check it out by clicking here, or viewing the video below!

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Ohio?

Medical marijuana has been *technically* legal in Ohio since 2016, but after many delays and legal hurdles, cannabis is finally ready to become available to the public, starting in January 2019. This means that unless there are any last minute hoops to jump through, dispensaries should begin opening in just a few weeks!

If you have yet to get your Ohio medical marijuana card, you must first determine if you qualify. Below is a list of the medical conditions currently approved for medical marijuana treatment.

Petitions for appealing the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to add more medical conditions will be held in 2018 until December 31, 2018. You can appeal here. After that, the petition period will close until this time the following year.

If you qualify for medical marijuana, simply gather your relevant medical records. These records must provide documented evidence of your qualifying medical condition. You can call our offices at 1-866-457-5559 for assistance, or follow this tutorial.

After you've gathered your records, simply set an appointment with a doctor certified by the state of Ohio to recommend medical marijuana. Each of these doctors has gone through an extensive cannabis training course and received their CTR (certificate to recommend) medical marijuana in Ohio.

This physician will look over your records, talk about what sort of treatments you've had in the past. What's worked, what hasn't. They will perform a brief exam and talk over cannabis treatments with you, After the evaluation, the physician will determine if you qualify for MMJ treatment.

If you do, the doctor will write a letter of recommendation. This letter is then sent off to the Board of Pharmacy, who will send the patient an email after this step. From there, you confirm your information in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry, pay a $50 fee to the state for registration, and download and print your official Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

This card is your legal affirmative defense to possess, use, transport and buy medical cannabis purchased from licensed Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries. It also grants you access to those dispensaries. For a list of where all the dispensaries will be located in Ohio, simply click here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our friendly support team at Ohio Marijuana Card. Our number is 1-866-457-5559. You can also schedule your appointment online. Either way, our state-certified medical marijuana physicians are here to help.

For more information about Dr. Julianne Moy, or any of Ohio Marijuana Card's passionate staff of medical marijuana doctors, just head on over to our Doctor's Page. Also, thanks to for interviewing Dr. Moy. We look forward to more of their reporting and interviews!


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