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Living With Seizures? You May Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Ohio!

There’s nothing like not being able to take part in certain activities because of the fear that activity may cause an untimely seizure. There are numerous conditions that can cause a person to have seizures at random, too.

Even though there are prescriptions available that can provide people living with these conditions with temporary relief, they often leave much to be desired. That’s where medical marijuana comes into play.

People in Ohio who are living with conditions that cause seizures can make an appointment with a physician who can provide approval for a medical marijuana card today. For information on the ways medical marijuana can help people manage conditions that cause seizures, continue reading below.

How Medical Marijuana Can Help People Living With Epilepsy

One of the most common neurological conditions that causes seizures is epilepsy. The causes of epilepsy are largely unknown, but it is capable of affecting men and women across all backgrounds.

Even though research is still mostly in its early phases, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that backs medical marijuana as an option for therapeutic relief for people living with epilepsy. In fact, one of the earliest treatment remedies for epilepsy in recorded history is cannabis therapy.

The reason why cannabis was highly touted as an effective treatment option for people dealing with epilepsy is because of its ability to ease the pain that comes with it. Both the THC and CBD present within cannabis possess an ability to effectively manage pain, but most research states that CBD is more effective in helping to control seizures.

CBD is more effective at controlling seizures because of the fact that it reduces neuron excitability by acting on the brain’s TRPV1 and GPR55 receptors. Taking that into consideration, the best medical marijuana products for helping patients overcome epileptic seizures are those that include high amounts of CBD.

How Medical Marijuana Can Help People Living With the Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

After suffering from a traumatic brain injury, medical marijuana can be an effective solution to provide relief for numerous reasons. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis has a multitude of neuroprotective qualities. These qualities are essential in helping patients reduce neurological impairment and swelling. CBD in particular has the ability to lower the brain’s oxidative stress levels.

Aside from helping with seizures, medical marijuana can also help overcome numerous other symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury including worsening headaches and nausea. There are numerous medical marijuana products available at dispensaries capable of helping people overcome traumatic brain injuries that don’t entail smoking, too. Patients in Ohio’s medical marijuana program have access to both CBD and THC dominant versions of tinctures, edibles and topicals that are capable of providing relief.

When it comes to managing pain associated with traumatic brain injury, the best practice is to use a little of both THC and CBD to gain the full benefits of the entourage effect.

Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help People Living With Huntington’s Disease

Huntington's disease is a hereditary brain disease that thousands of Americans are living with daily. Even though Hungington’s disease primarily affects adults within the 30-50 age-range, children and young adults can suffer from Huntington’s disease, too. Unfortunately when young adults and children suffer from Huntington’s disease, it’s common for them to experience seizures as a result.

Parents of children who suffer from seizures as a result of Huntington’s Disease have everything to gain by learning about the ways medical marijuana can help them lead easier, more comfortable lives.

There’s no cure for Huntington’s Disease, but that doesn’t mean it has to prevent people living with it from leading their lives the way they want to. Ohio medical marijuana physicians are more than willing to partner with pediatricians and parents to create customized treatment plans for children.

Additionally, medical marijuana has the ability to help patients with a multitude of the other symptoms associated with Huntington’s Disease like unbearable chronic pain. To begin treating Huntington’s disease with medical marijuana in Ohio, all it takes is a medical marijuana card.

How To Obtain Medical Marijuana for Seizure-Related Conditions in Ohio

If you or someone you love is suffering from a condition causing seizures, there’s no need for them to be restricted to the therapeutic limitations of over-the-counter medications. That’s because medical marijuana in Ohio is legal for use to treat the vast majority of conditions that cause seizures.

In order to begin treating seizure-related conditions using medical marijuana, schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable, caring Ohio medical marijuana physician online today. Doing so could be the first step towards leading the pain-free life you didn’t know was possible.


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