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  • Ashley Slimak

New Bill Proposed That Would Allow Medical Marijuana Use For Autism

Ohio Lawmakers Propose New Bill To Allow Medical Marijuana Use For Autism

Democrat State Representative, Juanita Brent, has introduced a new bill (House Bill 60) that would legally allow individuals with autism spectrum disorder to use medical marijuana in Ohio.

This is Brent’s second attempt pushing for autism to become a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Ohio. Back in May 2020, she proposed a cannabis bill package to authorize the use of cannabis for patients living with autism spectrum disorder. However, it was later rejected by the Ohio State Medical Board.

This time around, Brent hopes that HB60 has a fighting chance as the bill is also sponsored by Republican Representative, Bill Seitz of Cincinnati along with 15 cosponsors.

In addition to HB60, the state board will meet this Wednesday, February 10 to review petitions that could potentially add additional ailments to the list qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.


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