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New Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Ohio: Riverside Welcomes AYR Wellness Dispensary

As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve, exciting developments are on the horizon for Riverside, Ohio. AYR Wellness, a leading U.S. multi-state cannabis operator, is set to open a new dispensary in the Dayton Metropolitan Area. This marks a significant step forward in Ohio's burgeoning marijuana market. Let's explore the details of this upcoming dispensary and the broader implications for both recreational and medical marijuana enthusiasts.

AYR Wellness Expands its Reach

AYR Wellness recently announced the opening of two Ohio retail locations in Woodmere and Goshen. The Woodmere store is already operational, while the Goshen store is expected to open later this week. Positioned as a key player in the cannabis industry, AYR Wellness is committed to strengthening its presence in Ohio. The company has plans for additional dispensaries, including one in Riverside, subject to regulatory approval.

AYR holds future rights to ownership of the dispensaries in Woodmere, Goshen, and Riverside, pending regulatory approval. The expansion aligns with the company's commitment to engaging local communities and fostering strong relationships with customers. As Ohio's cannabis market grows, AYR aims to be at the forefront, providing high-quality products and contributing positively to the communities it serves.

The AYR-branded Woodmere store, situated at 27900 Chagrin Blvd., Woodmere, Ohio 44122, boasts 4,500 sq. ft. of space. Conveniently located near the popular Beachwood Place Mall and close to the interstate, this dispensary is strategically positioned for accessibility. The Goshen location, located at 6722 State Route 132, Goshen, Ohio 45140, offers 2,700 sq. ft. of space in a suburb of Cincinnati. Both dispensaries will feature a curated selection of products, including AYR's own high-quality brands and third-party offerings.

Ohio's Growing Marijuana Landscape

With the opening of a 58,000 square foot cultivation facility in Parma, Ohio, AYR Wellness demonstrates its commitment to expanding cultivation and production efforts in the state. The company has also entered option agreements for a third Ohio dispensary, Daily Releaf, LLC in Riverside, Ohio. AYR anticipates that the Riverside location will be operational later this month, pending regulatory approval. These strategic moves underscore the company's confidence in Ohio as a promising cannabis market.

David Goubert, President and CEO of AYR, recognizes Ohio as one of the most promising cannabis markets in the country. As the state's medical program continues to grow, and with adult-use legalization potentially on the horizon, AYR is poised to play a pivotal role. The company's support relationships with local dispensaries highlight its commitment to building positive connections with customers and contributing to the well-being of local communities.

As Ohio considers the possibility of adult-use legalization through a ballot referendum, the transition from medical to recreational marijuana becomes a focal point. AYR's strategic positioning in Ohio reflects its understanding of the evolving landscape. While recreational marijuana holds promise, medical marijuana continues to be a vital option for individuals seeking a more guided and medically supported approach to cannabis use.

Health and Wellness

In the midst of exciting developments in Ohio's recreational marijuana scene, the role of medical marijuana remains crucial. For individuals prioritizing health and wellness, obtaining a medical marijuana card is a valuable choice. Medical marijuana offers a regulated and monitored avenue for therapeutic use, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need for their specific health conditions.

As Riverside welcomes a new dispensary, staying informed about scheduling and other details is essential. Individuals eager to explore AYR Wellness' offerings can visit the company's official website for the latest updates. Keeping an eye on official announcements, regulatory approvals, and local resources ensures that enthusiasts are well-prepared to navigate the exciting developments in Riverside's marijuana landscape.

AYR Wellness embodies a holistic approach to cannabis, serving both recreational and medical needs. The company's dispensaries offer a curated selection of products, catering to a diverse range of preferences. Whether individuals are exploring the recreational possibilities or seeking therapeutic benefits, AYR's commitment to quality and community engagement sets the stage for a positive and transformative cannabis experience.


As Riverside, Ohio, prepares to welcome AYR Wellness, the cannabis future of the region looks promising. AYR's strategic expansion, commitment to quality, and focus on community engagement position it as a key player in Ohio's evolving marijuana landscape. Whether for recreational enjoyment or medical support, AYR's dispensaries are poised to become integral hubs for cannabis enthusiasts. Stay informed, explore responsibly, and embrace the exciting journey unfolding in Riverside's cannabis future.

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