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  • Ashley Slimak

New Proposed Bill Could Add New Qualifying Condition and Decriminalize Cannabis

Updated: May 29, 2020

Ohio Bill Decriminalize Cannabis
[Source: Forbes]

Recently, a new legislative package was proposed by Ohio House Representative, Juanita Brent. The new proposed legislation includes two separate bills, one that adds autism as a qualifying condition to the medical marijuana program, and the other to decriminalize cannabis crimes.

Rep. Brent proposed the bill to add autism as a qualifying condition to the state's medical marijuana program after speaking with constituents and learning that Ohio parents of children with autism are looking for additional treatment options, however, they are unable to get their children approved for medical cannabis under the current program rules. The addition of autism as a qualifying condition would not be without precedent, as 17 other states with medical marijuana programs already have autism designated as a qualifying condition.

Brent’s proposed second bill would repeal criminal statutes relating to the sale and possession of marijuana for individuals. If this proposal were to become law, all sentences for marijuana possession would be vacated, and the individual's criminal record would be cleared. Brent stated, "It is about time we stop criminalizing a plant (cannabis). Our police should be focusing their time and resources on more serious crimes.” 

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