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Ohio Blazes Ahead With Recreational Marijuana Sales This Summer

In a move that will delight cannabis enthusiasts across the Buckeye State, recreational marijuana sales in Ohio could kick off as early as this summer. Both industry insiders and state officials are abuzz with the possibility of existing medical dispensaries opening their doors to adult-use consumers by June, just months after voters approved legalizing weed for those 21 and over. However, none of this is set in stone, and the only way to currently access legal marijuana is with a medical marijuana card.

A Fast Track to Legal Sales

The new marijuana legislation in Ohio outlines an expedited schedule for implementing the recreational program. The Ohio Division of Cannabis Control is mandated to issue license applications by June 7th and to grant these licenses by September. 

Although a fall start was initially anticipated, some industry operators, including Akron-based Klutch Cannabis, predict that certain dispensaries might open soon after the application process begins. "Our job is to ensure we're ready for this whenever it happens," stated Pete Nischt, VP of Compliance and Communications at Klutch. 

As Ohio prepares for the commencement of adult-use cannabis sales, many residents may continue to opt for a medical marijuana card, which offers significant benefits. Under the state’s proposed regulations, THC levels in recreational plant products are limited to 30%, whereas medical users can obtain products with higher potencies, more effective for managing specific conditions. 

While recreational purchases will incur 10% Excise tax, plus regular state and local sales tax, totaling between 15.25% - 17.5%, medical marijuana patients pay no special tax levied on medical marijuana purchases. The criteria for qualifying for a medical card in Ohio are relatively restrictive, yet having one provides access to cannabis for any debilitating condition as prescribed by a doctor. "Many residents will benefit from cannabis use, particularly those who are currently unable to get a medical card because their condition does not meet the qualifications," remarked Jeane' Holley, Director of Public Relations at Harvest of OH.

Dual Licensing for Smooth Transition 

To streamline the process, the state plans to allow existing medical dispensaries to apply for dual licenses enabling the sale of both medical and recreational products. With 120 operational dispensaries and a dozen more with provisional licenses, a good portion of the market could be ready for adult-use sales from day one.

"They've already gone through all the checks and licenses... so I would anticipate it being a very simple application," said Rep. Jamie Callender who chairs the joint rule review committee. The division has also proposed allowing online orders, drive-through service, and curbside pickup for recreational sales - mirroring current medical practices.

While voters passed legalization in November, legislative approval is still needed for some aspects like public consumption rules. Gov. DeWine is pushing lawmakers to hammer out remaining details, but Democratic leaders expect only minor revisions initially. "I am not very optimistic that there will be some large cannabis bill...maybe some small changes around the edge," said House Minority Leader Allison Russo.

With existing medical operators expanding capacity and the Division of Cannabis Control working to meet deadlines, all signs point to Ohio's first recreational sales happening in just a few months. Multi-state operators like Buckeye Relief are confident they'll be ready. "I expect a large number of dual licensees to be ready when licenses are awarded," stated CEO Andy Rayburn.

After years of anticipation, Ohioans may finally be able to legally purchase weed for adult use by this summer. And for those looking to gain medical access sooner, securing a card could provide a smoother, more affordable entry into the state's burgeoning cannabis market.

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