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Ohio Marijuana Card in the News!

The awesome folks over at Cleveland 19 stopped by our Mayfield offices yesterday for a quick interview. Ohio Marijuana Card's President, Connor Shore, was on hand to express his hopes in getting medical marijuana card recommendations for every qualifying patient who wants one. “We've had people that come in their late 90s," Connor said. "We've had minors come in. With the consent of a parent or guardian they can be treated.”

Shore was joined by Dr. Alan Wine, one of the state-certified physicians working for Ohio Marijuana Card in Mayfield. “Most of our patients tell us the same story," said Wine. "They've tried opioids, muscle relaxers, all sorts of anti-psychotic medications, but the side effects are such that they make their life intolerable."

Randy Shaffer, a patient of Ohio Marijuana Card, was also interviewed, expressing his experiences with chronic pain from gouty arthritis, and how medical marijuana immeasurably helped ease his suffering. “I tried [cannabis]," Shaffer said, "and I went from being completely, almost paralyzed, to being able to do jumping jacks in one night."

Note: Shaffer enjoyed his experience with Ohio Marijuana Card so much, he's now marketing manager for the company (and also writer of this blog, just FYI)

Stay tuned for more updates as we make future radio, TV and print appearances. Press inquiries can find our contact information here.


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