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Ohio Marijuana Card is Back in the News!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Judith Retana of WDTN (Channel 2 Dayton) visited Ohio Marijuana Card's Dayton offices this week to discuss how our certified medical marijuana doctors help patients get a recommendation for medical marijuana in Ohio, and what prompted the delays in getting the industry up and running.

She spoke with Randy Shaffer, marketing manager at Ohio Marijuana Card (and writer of this blog, just FYI). He expressed his passion for medical marijuana and discussed the delays in the Ohio marijuana industry. "December, January, February, around that time anyone who sees a dispensary that is suffering might ask 'How do I get into that dispensary? How do I get product legally?', Shaffer said.

WDTN also spoke with one patient, who outlined why they sought alternative medicine over dangerous opiods. "I have fibromyalgia and I'm a chronic pain patient so this seemed like it would be the best alternative to meet my needs," the patient said.

Ohio Marijuana Card provides recommendations for medical marijuana to patients suffering from one of the 21 medical conditions approved by the state. This recommendation is required in order to receive a medical marijuana card in Ohio. Once you have your recommendation, it is sent off to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. From there, they register you as a medical marijuana patient and send out an official medical marijuana card.

This card (as well as your recommendation) will get you inside dispensaries throughout the state. To find an Ohio medical marijuana dispensary near you, check out our handy maps. And as always, stay tuned for more news and updates!


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