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Ohio Marijuana Card Opens Toledo Doctor’s Office

Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since the fall of 2016, but it was during the summer of 2018 when doctors finally began recommending cannabis to patients. Since that time, the physicians at Ohio Marijuana Card have been hard at work writing recommendations. And beginning this week, we have added a new office in Toledo, our seventh practice in Ohio.

Beginning in Cleveland, Ohio Marijuana Card’s team of state-certified medical marijuana doctors have slowly expanded over the past year, reaching major cities all across the Buckeye State, from Columbus to Dayton, Cincinnati, Akron and both the west side and east side of Cleveland.

“There are patients all over Ohio that are seeking alternatives to dangerous opioids and other medicines that have harmful side effects, “ Ohio Marijuana Card president, Connor Shore, stated. “Our goal is to provide medical evaluations for any qualifying Ohioan that wants to get their medical marijuana card.”

To obtain a card, patients must have one (or more) of the 21 qualifying medical conditions chosen by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. These conditions include:

Once a patient has determined that they qualify for medical marijuana, they must visit a state-certified medical marijuana doctor. This doctor examines the patient’s previous medical records and performs a brief non-invasive examination.

Afterward, if the doctor determines you qualify for medical marijuana, they will write a recommendation. This recommendation is sent off to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. After receiving your recommendation, the Board of Pharmacy issues a medical marijuana card to the patient. This card is used to access dispensaries all throughout the state.

Ohio Marijuana Card simplifies this process, providing a one-stop shop for patients hoping to receive their medical marijuana card without all the hassle. Our Toledo doctor is currently accepting new patients and appointments are booking fast.

“Glass City is such a beautifully diverse part of the Buckeye State,” Shore said. “And we are so happy to be able to serve this community, and help Ohioans find relief and healing through medical marijuana.”

Ohio Marijuana Card’s Toledo location can be found at 3454 Oak Alley Court, Suite #214 Toledo, Ohio 43606. Call Ohio Marijuana Card’s Toledo office today at 419-216-2996, or toll-free at 1-866-457-5559, or visit, to set up an appointment with one of our doctors.


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