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  • Jennifer Betz

Ohio Marijuana Card Welcomes Akron's Klutch Cannabis to the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Ohio Marijuana Card Welcomes Akron's Klutch Cannabis to the Ohio Marijuana Expo 2021!

Ohio Marijuana Card is thrilled to welcome Klutch Cannabis as a sponsor of the Ohio Marijuana Expo on October 2nd at the Summit County Fairgrounds!

Klutch has been around since April 2020, but according to Pete Nischt, the company’s Chief Compliance and Communications Director, “It feels like it’s just getting started. There’s so much energy here.”

He added that, “We are really proud of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. And we are 100% Ohio owned and operated.”

Best in Class, With Reviews to Back Up the Claim

You can find Klutch products in flower, edibles, vape cartridges, luster pods, live hash rosin and BHO concentrates.

Klutch’s uniquely curated products are a favorite all over Ohio, with Reddit’s r/OhioMJCommunity voting the cultivator’s Orange 43 and Ice Cream Cake as the top two in a showdown including 64 different strains from state-licensed producers.

Brand Partners Add Variety to Klutch Offerings

In addition to Klutch’s own products, the company has partnered with the brands Josh D and Kiva Confections, to cultivate and manufacture premium strains and edibles. Josh Del Rosso was the original cultivator of the OG Kush varietal back in 1996, and Klutch cultivates Josh’s original cut of OG Kush under the name OG Kush Story.

Kiva’s precisely dosed, delicious edibles are designed to meet the needs of your taste and lifestyle. “Everything Kiva does is all-natural, expertly crafted, thorough and intentional, and it really comes through in their products,” Nischt noted. So far, Klutch has launched four lines of Kiva products in Ohio, including

  • Kiva Bars - Made with premium cacao and dosed with cold water hash, Kiva bars are currently available in milk and dark chocolate, blackberry, and churro.

  • Terra Bites - An innovative cold-water hash-infused chocolate confection in a precise, convenient and doseable format. Currently available as chocolate-covered blueberries, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and chocolate-covered sea salt caramels.

  • Camino Gummies – Multiple flavors of gummies tailored for specific types of experiences like Midnight Blueberry for “Sleep” and Watermelon Lemonade to “Excite.”

  • Petra Mints - Microdosed for the perfect medicine when you have things to do and places to go, Petra Mints are currently available in flavor like Moroccan Mint, Tart Cherry, and Pineapple.

Klutch’s Down-to-Earth Approach is Their Key to Success

Nischt says, “We believe in hard work and an honorable approach to cannabis, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to serve patients in Ohio. We don’t care about being the biggest. We just want to be the best we can be for the patients we serve.”

Welcome to the Ohio Marijuana Expo, and thank you for your support, Klutch Cannabis!


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