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Regulators Want 73 New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Throughout the State

Ever since medical marijuana sales in Ohio began back in 2019, Ohio medical marijuana regulators have been seeking ways to improve the program for patients. Many of the complaints regarding Ohio’s medical marijuana program have been focused on price, distances in between dispensaries, and options among medical marijuana products. The additional medical marijuana dispensaries opening throughout the State of Ohio is likely to solve a variety of problems for medical marijuana patients. Some details about Ohio’s plans to open 73 new dispensaries can be found below.

Medical Marijuana Patients Won’t Have to Travel as Far to Visit Dispensaries

There are hundreds of medical marijuana patients who need to drive a half an hour or longer in order to reach a dispensary. This can make medical marijuana access seemingly impossible for many Ohioans without access to a reliable vehicle. Another problem that Ohio’s current lack of medical marijuana dispensaries presents in the face of rising fuel costs is that making long drives to reach dispensaries presents an economic burden. That’s especially the case for medical marijuana patients that don’t have the funds to fill up the gas tank whenever they need to make a dispensary visit.

Fortunately, Ohio’s medical marijuana regulators are familiar with the struggles many Ohio dispensary patients are facing. This is why the locations of the new medical marijuana dispensaries have been meticulously planned. For instance, Hamilton County which currently has three medical marijuana dispensaries is slated to gain another 8 more, raising its total number of dispensaries from 3 to 11. Franklin County will go from 6 medical marijuana dispensaries to 15, gaining 9 new dispensaries. The Board of Pharmacy is aiming to decrease the number of registered patients per dispensary in each district to less than 1200.

Medical Marijuana Prices Are Likely to Come Down

Another common complaint regarding Ohio’s medical marijuana program is that products are expensive. In fact, price likely is one of the biggest reasons people choose against trying medical marijuana. Even though prices of products at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries are decreasing, they still aren’t on par with neighboring states who have medical marijuana programs in place. This is a key issue that Ohio medical marijuana regulators are seeking to correct by opening new dispensaries.

One of the reasons medical marijuana prices in Ohio have started falling since the inception of the program is because of reliable harvests, according to processors and new dispensaries opening up. According to Ohio Medicinal Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director, Matt Close, more new dispensaries opening up across the state will increase competition. “We look forward to the dispensaries opening, and we do believe that competition and economics will drive the prices down,” he says. While there are other states with higher prices, Ohio’s price per gram of plant material is half the price of Michigan’s.

The Timeline for When the New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Will Open

For current medical marijuana patients, the topic of when the new dispensaries will be open is of the highest priority. That’s the case because the sooner the 73 additional dispensaries begin to open, the sooner they can begin saving hard earned money. There’s also the possibility of discovering new products that other dispensaries didn’t have access to. Unfortunately for current medical marijuana patients, there’s no exact date for when the new dispensaries will begin to open.

The Ohio Lottery recently conducted a drawing to determine which companies will be granted the opportunity to receive a provisional license that will allow them to build out their space. There’s no deadline for when the Ohio Board of Pharmacy wants the new dispensaries open by. This is likely due to the fact that applicants will be subjected to a lengthy approval process prior to opening, for the purpose of proving to State Regulators that they’re capable of lawfully operating their brick and mortar location. According to Board of Pharmacy, Kylynne Johnson, the board is aiming to issue provisional dispensary licenses this spring.

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There are a variety of ways that medical marijuana can offer an increased quality of life. Having a medical marijuana card in Ohio is the only way to consume cannabis in the State without facing legal consequences. For more information about how to obtain a medical marijuana card, make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who can get you approved with a medical marijuana card today. Doing so could provide you with a variety of benefits that you never knew cannabis was capable of delivering.


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