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Strawberry Fields Will Be Allowed To Open In Logan!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Strawberry Fields Marijuana Dispensary in Logan Exterior of Building
Strawberry Fields dispensary location in Logan. [Photo by: Grace Warner/The Logan Daily News]

CannAscend's Strawberry Fields dispensary in Logan has been working over the past couple of months to overturn a Logan City ordinance that prohibits medical marijuana entities to establish operations within the city limits. Earlier this week CannAscend achieved victory when the Logan City Council members voted in favor of overriding Logan City Mayor Greg Fraunfelter's veto of the ordinance.

Logan City Council members Shaun North, Jesse Russell, Jim Robinson, Shirley Chapman, and Ed Tucker all voted to override the mayor's veto of Strawberry Fields, while only Dave Driscoll and Judie Henniger voted against the override.

According to Logan Daily, applause broke in the meeting when the mayor's vote was overriden.

CannAscend is now working with their eight (8) local staff members to complete the training necessary prior to operations beginning, including working with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to complete the pre-inspection and final inspection processes.

According to Ian James, CannAscend's Head of Corporate Development, “The Board is working incredibly hard to get through all the inspections of dispensaries and the control processes across the state,” James told The Logan Daily News. “We will announce the opening of the dispensary at a later date. We look forward to holding a ribbon-cutting soon and serving the patients in the region immediately after that.”

This news is a sign of progress, as the CannAscend team was ultimately able to work with the Logan City Council, repeal Logan's Medical Marijuana Ordinance, and override the Mayor's veto to allow Hocking patients access to medical marijuana.

“These last five or so months are a testament to the fact that even when people disagree, but are willing to work together without being disagreeable, they can do great things. But all of that, every single bit of it, requires that you are present and willing to speak out for that which you hold to be valid and essential, even when doing so, makes your voice shake,” he commented.

Strawberry Fields have been approved for a total of four dispensary locations, none of which are currently operational:

  • 245 West Main Street in Logan

  • 414 Greene Street in Marietta

  • 300 North Main Street in Monroe

  • 333 Wayne Avenue in Dayton


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