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Terpene Tuesday: Humulene

a photo of Humulene terpene leaf in plant form

Itʼs Terpene Tuesday! We will be taking a closer look at the terpene Humulene! Terpenes are the fragrant oils secreted in cannabis trichomes and offer users a variety of medical benefits. Humulene is an important terpene for cannabis patients because of its distinctive effects.

Not only is humulene an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it also acts as an appetite suppressant.

In isolation, this terpene is commonly described as displaying an earthy, woody smell, featuring spicy notes likened strongly to Hops.

As Leafly describes, terpenes have unique attributes that contribute to the overall composition of a strain, adding a dimension to each one's "personality."

Studies have found that both Humulene and Caryophyllene displayed comparable anti- inflammatory responses to steroid alternatives. And when applied topically, Humulene was simultaneously effective in reducing inflammation and offering pain relief.

Humulene is most often utilized for treatment of Inflammation, Appetite Suppressant, & Chronic Pain.


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