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Three Things to Keep In Mind Regarding Treating Traumatic Brain Injury With Medial Marijuana

Updated: May 24, 2022

There aren’t many injuries that are more frightening than traumatic brain injuries. That’s the case considering the fact that they can lead to lifelong complications including symptoms that make completing even the most basic of tasks an uphill climb. That’s why people that have recently endured a traumatic brain injury benefit from using every resource at their disposal that is capable of providing relief from the symptoms caused by a traumatic brain injury. To the surprise of lots of people, one of the resources capable of helping people that have recently endured a traumatic brain injury is medical marijuana. Three facts to keep in mind when it comes to treating traumatic brain injury with medical marijuana include:

There Are Multiple Options for Consuming Medical Marijuana That Don’t Involve Vaping or Inhaling Smoke

One of the biggest concerns most people have regarding medical marijuana is that relying on it will cause lung and heart damage due to inhaling smoke or vapor. While those are valid concerns, people considering medical marijuana to help overcome a traumatic brain injury have access to a wide selection of products that includes tinctures, edibles and topicals. Having such a wide selection of cannabis products available for patients to choose from is instrumental in helping to alleviate these concerns. Even though there are methods of consuming medical marijuana that provide an alternative to vaping, it’s important for patients to understand how to properly use their preferred medical marijuana products for relief.

Medical marijuana edibles are fairly straightforward because all it takes is for the patient to eat a small portion of the edible, about 30 minutes before going back for more. This method helps medical marijuana patients get relief from symptoms without consuming too much THC. Medical marijuana tinctures are a little more complicated. Tinctures should be consumed sublingually underneath the tongue for best results, although some patients prefer to add them to drinks and certain foods to offset the taste. For more details about the product offerings available to medical marijuana patients in Ohio, take a look at the dispensary menu.

There is a Significant Amount of Scientific Research that Backs the Efficacy of Medical Marijuana for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Another reason why people may be apprehensive about turning to medical marijuana for relief from symptoms occurring following a traumatic brain injury is uncertainty surrounding the science behind it. That concern is valid considering that decades of cannabis prohibition limited the amount of research that was able to legally be conducted surrounding the medicinal benefits cannabis offers. Regardless, in recent years a significant amount of research has been conducted that backs medical marijuana as an effective resource for helping people overcome symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries. For instance, one study reveals that cannabis could be capable of reducing cognitive deficits caused by traumatic brain injuries.

There’s also significant amounts of research that backs medical marijuana’s ability to help patients overcome numerous symptoms caused by traumatic brain injuries including nausea and headaches. This can ease the road to recovery by making it easier to sleep and by improving mood. There are a variety of ways medical marijuana can help people overcome a traumatic brain injury, but without a medical marijuana card patients run the risk of encountering legal consequences.

Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries in Ohio With Medical Marijuana is Legal - All You Need is a Medical Marijuana Card!

Understanding the facts regarding the impact medical marijuana could have on a person recovering from traumatic brain injury could have a host of benefits. Obtaining medical marijuana to help fight the ongoing symptoms that occur as a result of a traumatic brain injury is simple, too. All you need to do to get a medical marijuana card is make an appointment with a medical marijuana physician capable of providing you with one. Doing so could make the path to recovery from a traumatic brain injury smoother than you could have ever imagined!

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