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About Standard Wellness

Founded in 2017, Standard Wellness became the first vertically integrated medical marijuana company in Ohio when they were awarded cultivation and processing licenses, and a dispensary license through our sister company The Forest in 2018.


Standard Wellness’s mission is to improve quality of life through safe and easy access to cannabis. We strive to consistently provide quality products to consumers and empower patients to use alternative medicine to find relief and live happier lives.


Standard Wellness has two lines: The Standard and The Solid. The Standard is their premium, precision offer that showcases the power of the plant in a variety of forms. From salves to concentrates, The Standard line is made for patients that want the best from their medicine. From our inputs to our packaging, no detail is insignificant and patient experience is our focus. The Standard offers premium flowers, concentrates, vapes, topicals, and edibles.


The Solid represents their economical line of products—providing patients with the same quality and precision, formulated, and crafted with price in mind. The Solid offers flower, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. Standard Wellness aims to have products for every patient in the medical cannabis community.

Standard Wellness' Ohio Cultivation

Standard Wellness is a level 1 cultivation facility, meaning their facility is allowed up to 25,000 total square feet. The facility located in Gibsonburg houses both the cultivation and processing facilities, with a significant majority of the space being utilized for cultivation needs. With 4 greenhouse rooms and 2 indoor rooms Standard Wellness strives to bring unique strains and high-quality flower to the Ohio market.

Standard Wellness' Processing

Standard Wellness was one of the first two processors in Ohio to begin operations and get processed products to dispensaries. Since that time, Standard Wellness offers several unique processed cannabis products:

  • Edibles in multiple forms

    • Effect Gummies

    • Distillate Gummies

    • Solventless Rosin Gummies

    • Caramels

    • Dark Chocolate Bars

  • Concentrate Waxes

    • Live Rosin

    • Fresh Press

    • Diamonds and Sauce

    • Live Resin

    • Live Badder

    • Badder

    • Pure Wax

    • Subcritical Sugar

  • Vapes

    • Luster Pods

    • Distillate Carts

    • Live resin Carts

  • Topicals

    • Transdermal Patches

    • Salve

What Dispensaries Have Standard Wellness Products?

You can find Standard Wellness products available at just about every dispensary located throughout Ohio.

The Standard Flower

30+ Strains

The Standard Gummies

Distillate-infused gummies

The Standard_Chocolate_0822 (1).png
The Standard Chocolate

Infused chocolate

Distillate Cartridge (1).jpg
Distillate Cartridge

Used in vapes

The Standard Salve

Applied directly to skin

The_Standard_Concentrates_SubcriticalSugar--0822 (1).png
Standard Concentrate Wax

Subcritical sugar

The Standard Caramels

Infused caramel

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