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About Standard Wellness

Standard Wellness is a Level 1 cultivation and processing facility located in Gibsonburg, Ohio. Standard Wellness passed final inspection for its cultivation back in November of 2018, and was one of the first processors in Ohio receiving approval for operations in March of 2019!

In addition to cultivation and processing operations, Standard Wellness is also connected to The Forest dispensary in Sandusky

Standard Wellness' Ohio Cultivation

Standard Wellness is a level 1 cultivation facility, meaning their facility is allowed up to 25,000 total square feet. The facility located in Gibsonburg houses both the cultivation and processing facilities, with a significant majority of the space being utilized for the cultivation needs. There is plenty of additional room that Standard has not yet been able to utilize as they wait for approval to expand its operations.

Standard Wellness grows their 30+ different strains in all-natural shredded coconut husk and amorphous volcanic glass:

  • MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies)

  • Durban Poison

  • Velvet Pillow

  • Gibsonburg Glue (Gorilla Glue)

Standard Wellness' Processing

Standard Wellness was one of the first two processors in Ohio to begin operations and get processed products to dispensaries. Since that time, Standard Wellness offers a number of unique processed cannabis products:

  1. Edible Gummies are available in two forms:

    1. Gibsonburg Gummies: distillate-infused gummies​

    2. Gumm-Ease: water-soluble gummies

  2. Concentrated Waxes are available in two forms:

    1. Live Wax​

    2. Shatter

  3. Concentrated Oils are available in a 590 mg THC, 1 mL syringe 

  4. Concentrated Vape Cartridges are available in two forms:

    1. CO2-extracted; 0.5 gram cartridge with battery and charger​

    2. Distillate; 0.5 gram cartridge with battery and charger

  5. Transdermal Patches are a partnership with the brand "Manna"

    1. Patches are extracted using supercritical CO2/hydrocarbon and an emulsion formulation

  6. Topical Salve are available in a 1:1 CBD/THC option

What Dispensaries Have Standard Wellness Products?

You can find Standard Wellness products available at just about every dispensary located throughout Ohio.

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The Standard Flower

30+ Strains

Standard Wellness Gummies.jpg
Gibsonburg Gummies

Distillate-infused gummies

Standard Wellness Gumm-Ease.jpg
The Standard Gumm-Ease

Water-soluble gummies

Standard Wellness Live Wax.jpg
Standard Oils

Available in Live Wax and Shatter

Standard Wellness Concentrated Oils.jpg
Standard Oils

590 mg THC, 1 mL syringe

Standard Wellness Cart.jpg
Standard Oils Vape Pen

Available in CO2 extraction and distillate

Standard Wellness Manna Transdermal Patc
"Manna" Transdermal Patch

Applied directly to skin