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Are There Marijuana Dispensaries In Toledo?

Medical marijuana in Ohio became available for purchase for the first time in January of 2019. Since then, 46 total dispensaries have been approved for operations in communities across Ohio! The remaining 11 dispensaries are still working to open their doors for the first time, and you can use the map below to find out where those dispensaries will be located when they do open. Keep in mind, you need an Ohio Marijuana Card to buy product from these dispensaries. To get approved, schedule an evaluation at the Toledo medical marijuana doctor office.

Where Is The Closest Dispensary To Toledo?

Toledo and its suburbs will have three dispensaries spread across the metropolitan area (excluding Fulton County and Ottawa County), with three dispensaries in nearby counties. Currently, Firelands Scientific Dispensary in HuronRiSE in Toledo, Bloom Medicinals in Maumee, Soothe in Bowling GreenTerrasana in Fremont, and The Forest Sandusky serve as the closest dispensaries to Toledo patients, with RiSE in Lorain and Clubhouse Dispensary in Elyria closer to the western-Sandusky area. Make sure check out the map below to find the closest dispensary location to you!

Find Every Marijuana Dispensary In Toledo

Use the map below to find where each dispensary in the Toledo region will be found once they are operational. Most recently, Firelands Scientific Dispensary in Huron was the latest dispensary to open in the area.

Lucas County

  • Bloom Medicinals - 1238 Conant Street - Maumee OPEN

  • RiSE - 3151-3157 W. Sylvania Avenue - Toledo OPEN

Erie County

Wood County

  • Soothe - 1155 N. Main Street - Bowling Green OPEN

Sandusky County

  • Terrasana - 1800 East State Street - Fremont OPEN

Click on the six major cities below for a map to your dispensary!

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