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About Wellspring Fields

Wellspring Fields, owned by FN Group Holdings, is a tier-2 cultivation and processing facility located in Ravenna, Ohio. Wellspring Fields passed final inspection back in June of 2018, becoming the first medical marijuana cultivator in the state of Ohio!

Wellspring Fields is led by a brother-sister team that became motivated to get involved in medical marijuana after witnessing several of their loved ones experience "horrifying" side effects from prescription pharmaceuticals.

Wellspring Fields' Ohio Cultivation

Wellspring Fields is a tier-2 cultivation facility, meaning their facility is allowed up to 10,000 total square feet. The facility includes state-of-the-art technology with plants nurtured with all-natural nutrients and fertilizers. The cannabis plants are nurtured with a fresh, natural water spring, bathing the plants in full spectrum OpticPAR LED grow lights from SpecGrade LED. All cannabis plants at Wellspring Fields are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Wellspring Fields highlights Harbourcoat (indica-dominant), Two Fences (indica-dominant), and Grape Pie (indica-dominant) as their featured strains. Currently, Wellspring Fields has had over 40+ unique strains available in Ohio dispensaries:

  • Summer Cooler

Wellspring Fields' Processing

Wellspring Fields was also the third operational cannabis processor in the entire state, receiving final approval in May of 2019. Since then, Wellspring Fields has released two different processed products:

  1. Concentrated Waxes: available in crumble, budder, and live resin forms so far.

  2. Edible Gummies

  3. Edible Carmels

What Dispensaries Have Wellspring Fields' Products?

You can find Wellspring Fields' products available at a number of dispensaries throughout Ohio.

Wellspring Fields

Wellspring Fields states they "strive to make high quality product we would offer to our family members." With 40+ unique strains, and a variety of processed products, Welllspring is cultivated and nurtured with the health and wellness of patients in mind.

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