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  • Jordan T. Smith

3 Interesting Facts About Medical Marijuana Topicals

To say that cannabis has developed over the course of the past few decades would be quite an understatement. There are so many different methods of cannabis consumption now available that would have been impossible to imagine not that long ago. From vape cartridges to medical marijuana gummies, the range of cannabis products available to medical marijuana patients represent the vast amount of innovation that has taken place within the world of cannabis over the years.

A medical marijuana product that would have been difficult to imagine once upon a time is a cannabis topical. Topicals come in the form of transdermal patches, balms, and lotions and are capable of providing pain relief to those who use them. Here are some intriguing facts about medical marijuana topicals!

Medical Marijuana Topicals Don’t Have Intoxicating Side Effects

Since one of the biggest reservations people have about medical marijuana is the fact that it could lead to impairment, having products that don’t cause such effects is vital. Thanks to medical marijuana topicals, people who would prefer to reap the benefits of medical marijuana without the prospect of impairment are in luck. This is especially great news for people who are considering medical marijuana to help overcome conditions related to chronic pain, as there are a variety of medical marijuana topicals capable of relieving pain without causing unwanted side-effects.

When medical marijuana patients use topicals, after a topical is applied, the cannabinoids bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the body. Then, the cannabinoids, whether they’re THC or CBD, get locked into the fatty cells of the area where the topical was placed. Medical marijuana topicals are one of the most efficient ways to relieve pain using cannabis, with the capability of providing prolonged relief, too.

Medical Marijuana Topicals Provide Long-Lasting Relief to Specific Problem Areas That Cause Pain

There are numerous ways medical marijuana topicals may be preferential to more traditional forms of cannabis consumption. Not only do medical marijuana topicals allow patients to obtain pain relief without the prospect of intoxication but they’ll receive longer lasting relief than they would from inhalation. Topicals typically provide users with relief for up to 8 hours, and they have a short onset time, too.

Medical marijuana topicals are a welcome innovation, as they allow users to obtain the desired relief without the extra supplies that vaping cartridges or concentrates require. To gain the therapeutic relief of medical marijuana topicals, all it takes is clearing the skin on the area the topical is being applied and placing the topical on your skin.

There are a number of medical marijuana topicals available at dispensaries throughout the State of Ohio. One option is the Sleepy Time Salve by Firelands Scientifics at Rise Dispensaries. In order to access the medical marijuana topicals available at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries, a medical marijuana card is required.

Medical Marijuana Topicals Are Available for Sale in Ohio - All You Need Is a Medical Marijuana Card!

Living with chronic pain conditions can make life difficult on numerous levels. Thousands of Ohioans have turned to medical marijuana to help alleviate their discomfort. Medical marijuana topicals could lead to levels of therapeutic relief that you never knew were possible. It may be time for you to book an appointment with a medical marijuana physician who is capable of approving you for a medical marijuana card. Doing so will provide you with access to medical marijuana topicals, along with dozens of other products that are capable of helping to improve your quality of life.


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