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  • Jordan T. Smith

3 Ways to Preserve Medical Marijuana Flower and Maintain its Potency

Among the many things that people are confident about when it comes to medical marijuana, storage is likely to be near the top of the list. Simply just dumping the goods into a plastic sandwich bag and keeping it handy nearby, constitutes what most people probably consider proper storage.

Ironically enough, there are actually a few best practices that even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiasts didn’t know that can preserve both the potency and the lifespan of medical marijuana. More details about tips for properly storing medical marijuana, along with the importance of proper storage can be found below.

The Importance of Preserving the Quality of Medical Marijuana

The main reason why patients who have access to medical marijuana benefit from properly storing their cannabis is because proper storage is key to maintaining its potency. As medical marijuana ages, improper storage can lead to a degradation of the quality of cannabis which can lead to spending more money or simply not getting the relief you desire. A few tips for safely storing medical marijuana include:

  • Keep Medical Marijuana Stored in a Dark, Cool Location

When people consider the conditions that medical marijuana is grown in, warm and sunny climates tend to come to mind first. Even though a warm, humid setting is ideal for the growth of medical marijuana, its needs are different once it’s been harvested. Two of the biggest contributors to the decrease in quality of medical marijuana include light and temperature.

Early scientific research identified light as the main factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. Taking this into consideration, the best storage locations for medical marijuana likely include drawers, pantries, cabinets and cupboards. Even though leaving it out and nearby for easy access is appealing, storing it in a dark and cool location will be more beneficial to the health of the plant.

  • An Air-Tight, Glass Container is Key to Keeping Medical Marijuana Fresh

Environmental factors can have an adverse effect on medical marijuana when it isn’t stored properly. For example, if it’s exposed to too much cold, the trichomes can break off. If it’s stored in plastic, the trichomes can be attracted to the static charge of the container. The reason why a glass container is ideal for medical marijuana storage is because glass has no negative effects on the material of the plant.

Unlike when cannabis is stored in plastic bags, glass has no takeaway from the trichomes in medical marijuana. Ideally, medical marijuana patients should be able to tightly-enclose the cannabis in it. That’s the case because tightly enclosed glass jars help ensure that the cannabis doesn’t reach harmful humidity levels.

  • Use Humidity Packs to Extend the Shelf Life of Medical Marijuana

In order to maintain the shelf-life of medical marijuana, it needs to be in a setting where it can get an appropriate amount of humidity. Experts say that the best humidity levels for maintaining the quality of medical marijuana is ideally somewhere in between 59% and 64%. One of the best resources available for helping to ensure that medical marijuana is getting enough humidity is a humidity pack.

For people who aren’t familiar with them, humidity packs are containers that are used to maintain relative humidity levels within a controlled range. They’re easy to use and can be essential in helping to maintain the long-term potency of medical marijuana.

The Only Way to Access Medical Marijuana in Ohio is With a Medical Marijuana Card - Get Yours Today!

There are numerous questions that people often have when it comes to medical marijuana before they move forward with getting their medical marijuana cards. A lot of those questions revolve around pricing and expenses related to obtaining medical marijuana. What few people realize is that one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to medical marijuana is with proper storage.

Both the potency and lifespan of medical marijuana relies on the way it’s stored after being purchased. Proper storage is one of the biggest factors that contributes to the relief medical marijuana offers patients. To find out how medical marijuana can help you overcome medical ailments you’re dealing with, schedule an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana physician online today.


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