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  • Alec Chenkus

Akron's First Dispensaries to Open Soon!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy (OBP) announced today that The Botanist has received its certificate of operation for its Akron dispensary. Located at 46 S. Summit Street in downtown Akron, The Botanist will become Akron's first operational dispensary!

The announcement comes two months after a Cleveland judge ordered the OBP to award certificates of operation to The Botanist for its Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron locations; The Botanist locations in Cleveland and Columbus were approved 11 days ago.

The Botanist - Akron is the fifth location The Botanist has opened in 2019, including dispensaries in Canton, Wickliffe, Cleveland, and Columbus.

In addition to The Botanist, Bloom Medicinals will also have a dispensary location in Akron located at 737 E. North Street. This will be Bloom Medicinal's fifth and final dispensary, in addition to operational dispensaries in Painesville, Maumee, Seven Mile, and Columbus.

We are still waiting on an official opening date announcements for both of the Akron dispensary locations, however, generally dispensaries have been opening their doors within a week of receiving final approval. With locations already operational, we can hope that one or both of the Akron locations will be opening within the week!

Just outside of Akron, Herbology has a provisional license for its Cuyahoga Falls dispensary located at 1220 Buchholzer Boulevard.

For a list of all operational dispensaries in Ohio, and the dispensaries that will be coming soon, be sure to visit our Dispensary Locations Map.


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