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Appalachian Pharm / Vapen - Gold Leaf Sponsor of theOhio Marijuana Expo in Columbus

Appalachian Pharm is a proud Gold Leaf Sponsor of the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus! They are a privately owned and operated Ohio Company that makes and markets premium medical marijuana products to dispensaries across Ohio. Appalachian Pharm Processing is the exclusive provider of Vapen branded products in Ohio.

As a service-based Ohio processor, their top priorities are quality and service in every way – to patients, to customers, to colleagues, and to the community. They bring value to patients with quality products and indisputable customer service.

Appalachian Pharm and Vapen are always listening to their audience, the Medical Patients of Ohio. Their motto is, “Every way, for Every day”, meaning they will continue to provide innovative and premium medical marijuana products that patients can count on time after time.

Product Library and Popular Items

They recently launched a new 100 mg THC Beverage, MAJOR, which offers the most bioavailable, effective THC delivery method currently on the market. Whether you choose to micro dose or macro dose, Major is designed to be an affordable, high dose THC beverage that delivers a safe, consistent, and enjoyable cannabis experience with no cannabis taste or smell.

Utilizing SoRse, a proprietary water-soluble emulsion technology for better Homogeneity, Stability and Bioavailability, Appalachian’s Major Beverages blanket small THC particles and allow the body to absorb them more quickly and completely - resulting in a quicker and more predictable onset of effects, between 10-20 minutes! Small and Mighty, at a $20 MSRP, Major packs a punch and offers a bang for the buck. 5 delicious flavors are currently being sold in dispensaries statewide throughout Ohio.

Appalachian Pharm and Vapen Brands pride themselves on offering products for every patient. In addition to their 100 mg Beverage, Major – they also offer Ohio’s first and only Microdose Seltzer, Wynk. Offered in 3 Refreshing, all natural flavors, Black Cherry Fizz, Lemon Lime Twist and Juicy Mango, Wynk provides 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD in one delicious serving can with 0 calories and 0 sugar! Wynk is currently sold in Single Cans, 6 packs, and 12 packs at an Ohio Dispensary near you!

They strongly feel that their THC infused drinks were the perfect complement to add at the perfect time to their existing product portfolio of high-quality Premium Distillate Cartridges, edibles, and concentrates. They continuously strive to lead the industry on quality, as they believe their patients deserve no less. Stay tuned for what’s coming next

Exciting Things Coming

Appalachian Pharm is currently in the process of building out a Level 1 Cultivation Facility to complement their successful Processing Facility located in Jackson, Ohio. Everybody at the company is excited to bring high quality genetics and flower to the Ohio market soon! Keep your eyes out for exciting new flower strains coming to a dispensary near you.

Also, they are excited to release some new and flavorful THC Infused Syrup flavors soon, including the much anticipated and asked for, Chocolate flavor! Lastly, but not least in any way, they will be adding a Pink Himalayan Salt, Dark Chocolate Bar.

Their edibles are made from scratch in small batches and without compromise. By using only ingredients with full THC infusion – rather than by dipping or spraying – they ensure accurate dosing and gourmet flavor. Patients will tell the difference!

What Sets Appalachian Pharm Apart

Appalachian Pharm was founded on a set of core values and beliefs that express their responsibilities to patients, work associates, and communities.

  • It all begins with the right people

  • Patient Focused and Compliance Centered

  • Culture of Service and Accountability

  • Consistent leadership and direction

  • Continuous improvement and community involvement

Meet their staff and learn more about Vapen products at the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to talk one on one!

Get your tickets now at

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