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  • Alec Chenkus

Can I Bring Medical Marijuana On An Airplane?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Marijuana Moment reported yesterday that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated its cannabis policies with regards to flying on a plane. The TSA's website has a medical marijuana section called "What Can I Bring?" that changed its policy from "no" to "yes" - with "special instructions".

However, this update in TSA policy does not mean that you can fly with medical marijuana freely just yet. Rather, the agency has clarified that hemp-derived CBD products may now be carried on flights under certain circumstances.

The change in policy reflects the updated distinction between cannabis- and hemp-derived products that took place with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill that federally legalized hemp and its derivatives.

According to the TSA's website:

TSA's Official Guidelines on Traveling on Planes with CBD Products
TSA's Official Guidelines on CBD [Source:]

This brings up the natural follow-up question of how the TSA will enforce this new policy. While there has been no official statement from the TSA on the protocol for determining if a product is allowed, the catalyst to update the TSA's policies were sparked by the approval of the cannabis-derived Epidiolex, an anti-seizure medication.

Ultimately with every new policy there will be a learning period for everybody involved, and for that reason it would be best to confirm with the TSA that you will be flying to confirm that you will not run into any problems with your CBD-derived product. You can contact the TSA Contact Center at (1-866-289-9673).

As pointed out above, there is not widespread understanding on how exactly the TSA will enforce this new policy. With the constantly shifting marijuana laws in this country, it is not likely that every TSA agent will fully understand the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived products.

For this reason, it is suggested to be cautious bringing CBD products on your flight unless necessary. With CBD available across the country, you can always purchase CBD for a trip you are taking when you land. If you are going outside of the country it would be advised to not bring any CBD product with you, although you can always check with legal counsel for more comprehensive direction.

This announcement joins a myriad of different federal reforms currently being considered by legislators in Washington D.C.! To keep up-to-date with cannabis legislation across the country, be sure to check in on our blog whenever you can. You can also follow us on Facebook (@OhioMJ) and Instagram (@Ohio_Marijuana)!


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