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  • Alec Chenkus

Choosing the Best Cannabis Strain

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Cannabis Terpenes
Understanding Cannabis Terpenes

While many patients are understandably looking to get the highest potency for the price, it is important to note that, as great as THC is, you are truly looking for a strong terpene profile that will provide the medical relief desired.

Terpenes are the fragrance and taste of cannabis, one of the primary compounds responsible for each strain's unique medical profile. There are over 150 terpenes, but, generally, only a portion are measurable in significant quantities.

Leafly Terpene Wheel
Common Terpenes and Information About Each

Looking for the most potent THC strain, while ideal for certain conditions, is not necessarily what you would be looking for, generally, from a medical perspective. That's not to downplay THC, as it can truly be a lifesaver for those suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and any type of wasting syndrome.

Ideally, you should be utilizing the smell jars that many cultivators provide to the dispensaries and find the strains that have the strongest scent, and ultimately taste, based on your preferred terpene profile(s). Many cultivators also include the terpene profile of strains to dispensaries to make it easier for patients to find the ideal strain for their medical needs.

David Downs at Leafly sums the idea up perfectly: "If THC is the engine, terpenes are the steering wheel and tires."

So the next time you see a lower percentage THC strain, try to lead with your nose and find the most potent smelling strain - you will most likely find increased symptomatic relief when you find the ideal terpene profile! Not to mention, the Tier-1 strains are often lower priced; but, for those that need that extra kick to their hits, most high-terpene strains from 23%-30% will provide the desired level of relief.


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