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  • Alec Chenkus

Cincinnati Marijuana Dispensaries Opening Soon!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Cincinnati patients have had a long road to call their first dispensary home. In May of 2019, About Wellness Ohio opened its doors in Lebanon for the first time serving as Cincinnati's closest operational dispensary. In the past couple of weeks opening announcements have been coming out of Dayton while Cincinnati residents have seen the news cycles come and go without an opening date announcement for a local dispensary; that changed this week!

Verilife Dispensary in Cincinnati Interior Waiting Room
Verilife Dispensary Interior

First reported by WCPO Cincinnati, Verilife dispensary in Columbia Township plans to open their dispensary for the first time to patients in the month of August! Verilife will be located at 5431 Ridge Avenue, serving as the first dispensary to open inside the I-275 loop. Verilife has stated that their staff are ready and they are now just waiting for the final inspection from the state and the announcement of their certificate of operation. The state has required Verilife to pass final inspections by August 9th.

Have A Heart Cincy Dispensary in Cincinnati Exterior of Building
Have A Heart Cincy Dispensary Exterior [Photo Source: WLWT]

The news of Verilife nearing operations comes with other dispensary updates, as WLWT5 announced that Have A Heart Cincy dispensary is making progress and looking to open in the near future as well! Have a Heart Cincy is owned by Green RX and will be located at 8420 Vine Street in Columbia. Have a Heart Cincy is required by the state to pass final inspections by September 8th, however they expect to be open by early-August.

PurLife Dispensary in Cincinnati Exterior of Building
PurLife Dispensary Exterior [Photo Source: Kent Mallett/The Advocate]

PurLife Dispensary is also gearing up for operations as the state has also required PurLife to pass final inspections by August 9th at the latest. Owned by Verdant Creations, PurLife Dispensary will be located at 5149 Kennedy Avenue in Columbia.

For our east-Cincinnati patients, Debbie's Dispensary in Hillsboro also received a certificate of operation last week! While they have not announced an official opening date, WLWT5 reports that the owner expects to be up and running by August 1st at the latest.

This is very exciting news as patients will no longer have to travel all the way out to Lebanon to seek relief. Furthermore, with increased competition - not only among local dispensaries - but also cultivators and processors as more dispensaries come online, we are seeing prices steadily drop! And as new products come to market, it gives patients more freedom and choice to use cannabis in the most effective method for their lifestyles.

Overall, the news coming out of Cincinnati this week shows an optimistic progression in the opening of Ohio dispensaries. This month has already seen the highest rate of dispensary approval announcements, and it seems like there are a number of other dispensaries that will be opening up in the coming weeks as well!


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