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  • Alec Chenkus

Cleveland's First Downtown Dispensary is Now Open!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

RiSE dispensary in Cleveland opened their doors for the first time to patients yesterday! Located at 1222 Prospect Avenue E. in downtown Cleveland, the dispensary is found at the intersection of Prospect Avenue E. & Bolivar Road off of E. 14th Street and right around the corner from Playhouse Square.

Ribbon Cutting at Rise Dispensary in Downtown Cleveland
RiSE - Cleveland Dispensary Exterior [Source: Cleveland 5 News]

RiSE dispensary is owned by GTI Ohio, and the Cleveland location joins the currently operational Toledo and Lorain locations. RiSE have also been approved for two separate dispensary locations in Lakewood, which are expected to be available closer to October 2019.

The parking situation is not the most ideal, however RiSE has taken the initiative to secure a few parking meters in front of the dispensary and parking spaces in the lot between RiSE and Chicago’s Home of Chicken & Waffles (note: RiSE parking spots will be identified by a sign placed over the parking space; RiSE shares a parking lot with Chicago's Home of Chicken & Waffles).

The process of purchasing medical marijuana at RiSE dispensary is simple enough: you will need to be buzzed in to enter the dispensary, and prior to going back to the waiting room a RiSE team member will need to scan your medical marijuana card and State I.D. into the system. Once you have been checked in at the front, you are welcomed into the main waiting area where you will fill out a brief new patient intake form upon first visit.

While you are waiting, you have the option to ask for a private consultation prior to going back into the Show Room. This will allow patients the opportunity to spend as much time as needed going over the menu and figuring out which products will have the most effective symptomatic relief. If you feel comfortable in knowing what you will be purchasing that day, there will be a menu available for final consideration prior to purchasing your medicine that day.

Once you are able to enter the Show Room, a personal RiSE team member will come out to meet you and bring you back to their station. At that point you will have the opportunity to ask some questions about particular products, and smell and see the cannabis prior to final purchase.

Rise Dispensary in Cleveland - Interior Showroom
Interior Show Room at RiSE - Cleveland Dispensary

The prices were fairly reasonable, as RiSE – Cleveland had the largest selection of half ounce strains that I have seen at a dispensary thus far. Currently, the cultivators that are available includes Grow Ohio, Farkas Farms, Firelands Scientific, Standard Wellness, Cresco Labs, and Buckeye Relief.

The pricing ranged from $90 for a half ounce of shake from Cresco Labs, to four options at $135 (two from Buckeye Relief and two from Cresco Labs) half ounce options and one option at $172 for a half ounce from Buckeye Relief. There were “Ohio Tenth” options available from $25-$47 and also a Grow Ohio grown 5.66 gram option (OG Kush) for $85. Patients that qualify under Indigent or Veteran status in the Patient Registry are eligible for a 30% discount on purchases at RiSE – Cleveland.

In addition to the flower selection, RiSE - Cleveland had a variety of processed products available including Grow Ohio's "Butterfly Effect" gummies in blue raspberry, mango, strawberry, and wild berry flavors, and Standard Wellness' two edible gummies options, Gumm-Ease and Gibsonburg Gummies. RiSE - Cleveland also had Grow Ohio's 220 mg (THC) and 440 mg (THC) tincture options and Standard Wellness' 590 mg (THC) concentrated oil syringes in Blueberry Cookies and Gibsonburg Glue strains.

When you have made your determination on what you will be choosing that day, you will checkout at the station and the product will be placed in a black, double-zipper bag that holds in the smell of the cannabis while also improving the efficacy of child-proof tampering.

Overall, the experience at RiSE was welcoming, positive, and insightful as you can tell the entire RiSE team is enthusiastic to finally have their downtown Cleveland location available to patients! RiSE joins the dispensaries currently operational in Garfield Heights, Painesville, Elyria, Lorain, and Wickliffe.

To learn more about RiSE dispensary and to check out their menu, be sure to check out our page highlighting RiSE – Cleveland, in addition to their locations in Toledo and Lorain.


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Ohio Marijuana Card Logo

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