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  • Jordan T. Smith

Common Mistakes When Trying Medical Marijuana Edibles for the First Time

Common Mistakes When Trying Medical Marijuana Edibles for the First Time

Trying a medical marijuana edible for the first time is likely going to be a vastly different experience from your first time lighting up a bowl or a bong. For one thing, edibles have become popular among cannabis consumers because of the fact that they’re so discreet. No need to light candles or place a towel under the door to mask the smell in your apartment building.

Another reason edibles have risen in popularity is because there is such a wide variety to choose from when you have a medical marijuana card in Ohio. Cardholders can shop at licensed cannabis dispensaries to find THC infused foods like gummies, chocolates, infused honey and peanut butter, and yes—magic brownies.

Aside from the obvious differences like not having to light candles or place a towel under the door to mask a smell, medical marijuana edibles also lack the ability to kick in as fast as more traditional consumption methods.

Given all of the differences between edibles, and more traditional methods of consuming marijuana, there are a few mistakes that consumers could unwittingly make that could lead to having a less than stellar experience with them. A few of them include:

Eating Too Many Edibles Too Fast

Something that people unfamiliar with edibles often aren’t prepared for is the fact that they probably won’t feel the effects right away like they would with smoking or vaping. That often leads to patients eating even more in hopes of feeling the effects set in.

Once that happens, you run the risk of getting a more intense reaction than originally intended. While eating too many edibles in such a short amount of time could be detrimental, there are a few best practices that can safeguard you from getting into that scenario.

One way to avoid overindulging on medical marijuana edibles is to remember that you can go back for more, but not less. Taking that into consideration, one rule of thumb is to start with a lower dosage edible. Afterwards, it’s advised to wait at least two to three hours before taking another dosage since that's typically when most people begin to feel the effects set in.

Eating Medical Marijuana Edibles on an Empty Stomach

Another common mistake among people trying out medical marijuana edibles for the first time is consuming them on an empty stomach. One benefit of consuming medical marijuana edibles after eating is that it can help make the munchies more manageable. Another benefit of eating a meal before consuming medical marijuana edibles is that their effects won’t be as intense as they are when consumed on an empty stomach.

The reason why that’s the case is because consuming cannabis on an empty stomach leads to peak THC levels being able to reach the bloodstream faster than it can on a full stomach. The idea that medical marijuana edibles are best consumed on a full stomach should come as no surprise since the vast majority of medications advise consumers to eat before taking them.

Although having a meal before consuming medical marijuana edibles is advised, it’s not always possible. When that’s the case the best advice is to take a lower dosage of the edible so the effects aren’t too much, too fast. One of the most important aspects of having a positive experience with medical marijuana edibles is by having an understanding of how your body reacts to certain dosages.

Not Properly Understanding the Dosage of Edibles

Another huge mistake when it comes to consuming medical marijuana edibles is assuming that they’re all the same when it comes to their dosage level. Considering that there are so many types of medical marijuana edibles available at Ohio dispensaries, it’s easy to assume that they’ll all have the same effect.

The best way for consumers to find out what products are the best match for them is to develop familiarity with the dosage levels of the medical marijuana edibles they have to choose from. That will provide them with the insights necessary to make informed choices when it comes to their medical marijuana purchases while effectively providing relief they’re searching for.

It’s also important to remember that developing a thorough understanding of medical marijuana edibles doesn’t just stop at reading the label the edibles come in. There are certified professionals at every medical marijuana dispensary in the state who would be happy to clear up any questions consumers have when it comes to how edibles will affect them.

When consumed correctly, medical marijuana edibles can offer a level of relief that’s hard to be matched. All it takes to experience the benefits they have to offer is booking an appointment with a certified physician for an evaluation to see if a medical marijuana card is right for you.


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