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Coronavirus & Cannabis: Everything MMJ Patients Need To Know

A photo of a news headline falsely claiming cannabis is a cure for the coronavirus.
Cannabis Heals Corona- FAKE!

People around the globe are taking precautions against catching the Coronavirus. We have put together a list of pre-cautions for cannabis users to follow to avoid catching the deadly respiratory disease.

1. Do NOT share your medication

Not that you should do this in the first place, however when you find something that works well for you one can only go so far as to explaining it verbally vs handing it off to a friend or family member to try. Please try to refrain from sharing your medication as germs pass quickly from person to person. Dispensaries in Ohio now have "trial packs" of certain products like edibles that make it easier patients to try the product before buying a large amount of it. We "high-ly" recommend utilizing this option, or purchasing your own medication so that you can decrease the risk of coming down with something serious from the spread of germs.

2. Never Stop Washing Your Hands

This is one method that is proven to STOP the spread of countless ailments, even the Coronavirus! If you medicate before breakfast or dinner-- or at any point where you feel yourself gravitating towards the fridge or panty-- WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST! By washing your hands with soap for as little as 20 seconds you can stop the spread of germs. Pro-tip: if you start singing "last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain.." you're already half way there! Way better than row row row your boat, right?

3. Avoid Inhaling When Sick

Inhaling while already fighting off a cold, may not be the best thing for your immune system. THC & CBD are known to help fight off pain, and induce sleep- which is perfect for battling a tough cold, however you might consider other methods of consumption to make it easier on your body.

4. Don't Believe Crazy Internet Claims

We see this all the time with CBD- it helps with various ailments, but it is not a cure-all. Be aware of all of the crazy internet claims that surface about the Coronavirus and do your research prior to spending loads of money on something that has nothing to do with preventing/treating the Coronavirus.

Note: no solid research studies have been done between CBD and the Coronavirus

5. Take Sanitary Precautions

Common sense would say, not to go crazy with shaking hands, hugging, etc. during this time. We also recommend not attending larger events or festivals that bring in a lot of people from different parts of the world. The perfect example of this is the Arnold Classic being postponed to a later date due to the influx of people coming in from all over the world which could be potential carriers of the deadly virus.


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