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  • Alec Chenkus

CY+ Ends October With Even More Discounts and Deals!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

CY+ dispensary in Wintersville has been regularly providing daily, weekly, and even monthly discounts on a variety of different medical cannabis products! Before you make your next dispensary visit, be sure to scroll down and see if you could save some money on your favorite products. If you would like additional information on CY+, including contact information and the full menu, be sure to visit our CY+ dispensary page.


31% off select strains:

Firelands Scientific

• Shark Shock (was $50, now $34.50)

• One Trick Pony (was $45, now $31.05)

• Switchberry OG (was $50, now $34.50)

• Cali Dragon (was $50, now $34.50)

• Screaming Eagle (was $40, now $27.60)

Cresco • Sojay (was $40, now $27.60) • OG18 (was $40, now $27.60) • Pheno 51 (was $40, now $27.60) • Island Sweet Skunk (was $32, now $22.08)

Song (Calyx Peak) • Cuyahoga River (was $50, now $34.50)

Buckeye Relief • Florilla Glue (was $48, now $33.12)

Cure Ohio

Concentrated Vape Cartridges: Buy One, Get One 50% off 

Butterfly Effect (Grow Ohio)

Buy One, Get One 50% off

Week of OCT 29th

Standard Wellness

Topical Salve: $72

All Month (Flower)

• Cuyahoga River: $42.50

• Shark Shock: $42.50

• One Trick Pony: $38.25

• Switchberry OG: $42.50

• Cali Dragon: $42.50


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