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FRX Health is a Patient Favorite, and It's Easy to See Why!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I recently became a caregiver for a family friend that has become family over the course of my lifetime - more of an aunt than a family friend. We mowed over the decision for months to obtain her medical marijuana card as she was concerned that certain strains may adversely affect her anxiety, which has happened before.

After having the opportunity to try a 1:1 (THC:CBD ) tincture in Michigan while visiting family, my caregivee found significant improvements in her symptoms and felt motivated to go through with obtaining her medical marijuana card. We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lindsay Benedict, and after a brief evaluation she was approved and I was on my way to get her first legal purchase of medical marijuana!

FRX Health Marijuana Dispensary in East Liverpool Exterior of Building
FRX Health Dispensary in East Liverpool Exterior

Located at 1865 Dresden Avenue in East Liverpool, the facility is a beautiful white building that is easily found while driving. After parking, we went through the front door and were immediately greeted by a positive and energetic woman that made sure she went out of her way to help me finalize my caregiver status so I would be able to purchase medicine that day.

She helped me through check-in and with that, I went back into a secondary room that includes seating and informational brochures covering each of the qualifying conditions in Ohio. This room gives patients the opportunity to have a more relaxed discussion with the pharmacist prior to walking back into the product room.

After the general consultation, I was brought back into a private room in the product area that allowed me the opportunity talk directly with Pharmacy Director Joe Jeffries, the lead pharmacist at this wonderful dispensary. Serendipitously, I also had the chance to meet with Dr. Lindsey Snyder, Farmaceutical RX's VP of Research and Development (You can often find Dr. Snyder on their Instagram page, @frxcorp).

We went over everything; from my caregivee's symptoms, to the results she hopes to have and what her preferences may be due to her stomach problems. Joe and Lindsay spent the better part of an hour talking with me, explaining their suggestions, and finally helping me go through their detailed menu to find the strains that would be most appropriate for my caregivee.

Up next was the best part - choosing the final product I would be bringing back to my caregivee! Upon first inspection, it was clear that FRX Health was particular in the products they would allow in their dispensary as each and every strain looked to be of top-quality. Joe explained that in order for FRX Health to carry a product, they require the opportunity to inspect the cultivator's facility to ensure that the product will be up to their standards.

While many patients were concerned that they would not have the opportunity to see or smell their cannabis product's before purchase, FRX Health provides clear jars for their marijuana displays that includes a magnifying glass on the top of the jar and an opening to be able to smell the terpenes of the strain. Even further, FRX Health labels each strain's terpenes so that patients can make more informed decisions on which strain would work best for their certain conditions.

After reviewing all of the strains they had available, I was amazed to find that FRX offered Hemma-grown flower for as low as $40 a tenth. Joe would explain that this strain, Sour Banana Sherbert, has received feedback that it is significant at benefitting IBS symptoms and so I grabbed a tenth for my caregivee.

Firelands Scientific Logo
Firelands Scientific Logo

With the Sour Banana Sherbert testing at 14% THC, I wanted to ensure my caregivee had a product that would be available to offset high-psychoactivity if she became uncomfortable. I found AC/DC grown by Firelands Scientific, and was immediately impressed with the gorgeous terpene smell. Joe would go on to explain that they had established a situation with Firelands Scientific where they would be able to offer a 25% price reduction for veterans specifically on Firelands Scientific's products.

Although I forgot to bring cash with me or stop by an ATM on the way down (I was very excited to meet with the FRX team), I did have the opportunity to use an ATM in their show room to make the purchases.

Before I left the showroom after making my purchases, the pharmacist behind the counter provided me with a guidance sheet so that my caregivee could dose in the correct amounts and frequency.

After I finished with my purchases I was welcomed back into the waiting room to speak with FRX Health employees Paul and Jacob. We would spend over an hour conversing about Ohio's programs, what they hope to see from the program, and how they are improving all aspects of their business to prioritize a positive patient experience every single time.

Lead Pharmacist at FRX Health Marijuana Dispensary in East Liverpool, Joe Jeffries
Lead Pharmacist at FRX Health, Joe Jeffries

It is clear that the team at FRX Health are motivated by one thing: improving the lives of the patients that have become loyal visitors, and even friends as many patients have relayed their amazing experiences and conversations with Joe. You can tell from the minute you meet with Joe that his only genuine interest at that moment is you and your health. Joe is a third-generation pharmacist - his family has lived and breathed improving patient health for over 60 years, and this noticeably bleeds into Joe's passion and motivation to provide patients the best overall experience possible.

Every individual I had the chance to meet at the FRX facility was welcoming, knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathetic. FRX is able to find a balance in making the appropriate recommendations for your conditions and symptoms, while also allowing you the freedom to make your own decisions.

While this was my first trip to an Ohio dispensary, I have had the opportunity in the past to visit dispensaries in Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, and California. More specifically, I had my medical card in California and had the additional opportunity to visit a medical dispensary in particular. The experiences are hardly even comparable, as in comparison to California I actually felt that FRX Health was genuinely interested in the best medical benefits, rather than trying to get me any product and out the door for the next customer.

If this is going to be your first experience going to a dispensary, I HIGHLY recommend making FRX Health the first visit. This pharmacist-led team go above and beyond to make sure that each patient's experience at their facility is nothing short of comprehensive and welcoming.

Case in point, we had a patient that has significant troubles with walking and opening doors, so our office manager reached out to the FRX team to coordinate his visit. The FRX Health team jumped into action when he arrived, helping the patient with walking through the doors and into the secondary consultation room. Understanding that it would be uncomfortable and painful for the patient to have to walk through the show room, the team helped the patient by bringing products to the patient and discussing the medical benefits of each product. After helping the patient purchase the products they wanted, Paul helped walk the patient back to the car. This small act of understanding the patient experience truly exemplifies that not only does FRX Health talk the talk, but they walk the walk.

If you have visited an Ohio dispensary so far, I would be surprised to learn of a facility that can match FRX's experience. Between the prices being lowered through FRX's efforts, the incredibly knowledgable team, and the top-quality strain varieties, FRX Health is a must-visit dispensary for any patient in Ohio's medical marijuana program. And be sure to check out their menu which is up-to-date on Weedmaps! They currently have flower from Buckeye Relief, Firelands Scientific, and Hemma, in addition to 2-day and 4-day tinctures, vaporizable oil in indica and sativa form, as well as edibles in mango, blue raspberry, and strawberry.

Follow Farmaceutical RX at @frxcorp on Instagram and visit their website to learn more about FRX Health.

If you are interested in learning more about medical cannabis, look no further than FRX's incredible online resource of comprehensive interviews, podcasts, and articles at


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