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Have A Heart Cincy Dispensary Opens for the First Time in Hartwell, OH!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Have A Heart Cincy Dispensary Opens in Hartwell
Have A Heart Cincy was the most recent - and final - Cincinnati dispensary location to open

One of the most asked about dispensary locations in Ohio will be opening officially tomorrow in Hartwell, Ohio after holding a soft opening yesterday! The soft opening allowed patients to choose from a limited menu while team members at Have a Heart could get practice in processing medical marijuana patients efficiently and accurately.

Have a Heart Cincy is a single-location dispensary that boasts the largest facility footprint with a total of 9,000 square feet of space located at 8420 Vine Street in Hartwell. The main lobby and waiting area is an enormous room with bright green walls and a significant amount of comfortable seating between leather chairs and couches, in addition to televisions posted on the walls that provide waiting patients with cannabis education and Have A Heart Cincy's menu and pricing!

Have A Heart Cincy Exterior of Dispensary
Have A Heart Cincy is located at 8420 Vine Street in Hartwell

On your first visit you will have to fill out a brief new patient intake form so that they can create a patient profile in Have A Heart Cincy's system. Once completed, you will be entered into a digital line that keeps the order of patients to be seen. When it is your turn to go back to the show room, a representative from Have A Heart Cincy will walk out to get you, and take you back into the show room to check out the products.

I was not prepared for the sheer size and modern design that was waiting on the other side of the show room door; the show room is by far one of the largest - if not the largest - show room of any dispensary in Ohio currently operational. The design of the show room allows patients to walk around at their personal comfort, reviewing the display cases that line the walls with the packaging of Ohio medical marijuana cultivators and processors. Furthermore the sheer amount of space means that patients can separate themselves from other patients as they discuss their condition(s) and symptom(s) providing more privacy outside of a private consultation - truly, there's no real need for a private consultation as each consultation is quite private to begin with.

Have A Heart Cincy has been working for months now to get the dispensary open, and while dealing with all of the hurdles and compliance necessary for approval, they were still seemingly able to secure partnerships with most Ohio cultivators as I was impressed with the size and variety of the inventory that Have A Heart Cincy will have ready on its first day.

Overall, this is incredibly exciting news for our Southwest-Ohio patients as Cincinnati now has three dispensaries centrally located, with four other dispensaries located in the surrounding area! With the opening of Have A Heart Cincy in Hartwell, the Cincinnati area now has all of the proposed dispensary locations open and available to medical marijuana patients in Ohio! You can learn more about Have A Heart Cincy by clicking here.

To find the closest dispensary location to you, check out our Ohio Dispensary Locations page that has pages for each individual dispensary that highlights the contact information and pricing at the dispensary. Additionally, we also have Patient Resources available including Best Dispensary Prices, Dispensary Discounts & Deals, and Ohio Dispensary Menus.


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