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How to Get Started Dry Vaping Medical Marijuana

Although one of the benefits of medical marijuana is that there are multiple methods of consumption, it’s normal to be apprehensive about trying new things. Even though there are lots of benefits to vaping medical marijuana, choosing to do so is likely going to be difficult for people who are primarily used to smoking marijuana using bowls or joints.

By understanding what goes into properly vaping dry herb medical marijuana, it’s easier to have an enjoyable experience with it. Luckily for people who are unfamiliar with the concept of vaporizing dry herb, making the adjustment from more traditional forms of consuming marijuana can be simple.

Vaping Medical Marijuana Vs. Smoking Marijuana Flower: Health Advantages of Vaping

Getting comfortable with vaping offers a host of health advantages over smoking it, too. For starters, when vaping dry herb, the sensation upon inhalation is much gentler than that of a pipe or a joint. In many cases for patients that means not as much coughing. One of the key benefits of vaping medical marijuana products instead of smoking them is having the ability to control the temperature the herb is being heated at. This allows patients to turn the temperature down in case it does get to the point where it’s too hot to inhale comfortably.

Vaping is Easier on the Lungs Than Smoking

For starters, vaporizing cannabis is healthier for the lungs because there’s no actual smoke from combustion being inhaled. Vaping cannabis also allows users to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the harmful toxins that come with smoking marijuana in more traditional forms.

Vaping is Cleaner and More Discreet

Along with the fact that it’s healthier, vaping dry herb medical marijuana products solve many of the problems that come with smoking it like portability and cleanliness.

By vaping cannabis, there’s no more worrying about things like ashtrays and lighters. People often choose to vape their medical marijuana products because they don’t have to worry about inadvertently getting ash anywhere.

Additionally, traditional methods of consuming marijuana are associated with a pungent odor that can be difficult to eliminate without the help of special candles and sprays. Another key benefit of vaping medical marijuana is the fact that it basically eliminates the odor that comes with smoking marijuana, since it vaporizes the herb instead of burning it.

The Lower Temperatures of Vaping Activate More Terpenes

Vaping medical marijuana creates the stuff you inhale at a much lower temperature than smoking it. Terpenes are generally activated at these lower temperatures, meaning that vaping will help you get the most out of your medical marijuana.

Terpenes can provide flavorful sensations like mint and citrus, while also contributing to the overall affects a cannabis strain can have on symptoms. Rather than burning off these delicate compounds at the touch of a lighter, you’ll get an opportunity to experience the full spectrum of your medical marijuana products.

Getting Started With Vaping Medical Cannabis

Although the benefits to vaping medical marijuana are clear, it’s likely that there are still going to be reservations about making the switch among some people. Below are a few best practices that can help contribute to an enjoyable experience with vaping dry herb medical marijuana products.

Find a Vaporizer That Works for You

After doing a quick search on the vaporizers that are on the market, people will find that there is an abundance of options available to choose from. The key to having a positive experience with vaporizing medical marijuana is doing enough research to find a vaporizer that meets your own personal needs.

Characteristics that patients should keep in mind when searching for their ideal vaporizer are heating levels, shape/size and how discreet it is to use. While portable handheld vaporizers have recently increased in popularity, there are still a selection of stationary vaporizers to choose from.

Read the Instructions for Your Vaporizer Carefully

Regardless of what type of vaporizer you choose, there’s likely going to be an instruction manual that comes with it. Even though it may be instinctual to discard it, they often provide insights on how to get the best use out of the device.

Properly learning how to use a vaporizer can have a drastic impact on a patient’s overall experience with medical marijuana. When it comes to vaporizing medical marijuana the best way to get the hang of it is to use it often.

Ensure that the Flower is Finely Ground to Get the Most Out of Your Medical Marijuana

Another tip for people just dipping their toes into the waters of dry-herb vaping medical marijuana is to ensure that any material going into the device is finely ground. Making sure your flower is ground to completion contributes to an optimal experience because packing the device without grinding it properly can lead to some of the bud not being activated, which would in turn waste it.

Since grinding material with your hands can be difficult, it benefits patients to invest in a grinder. A grinder could make it easier not only to break down the bud, but also to collect kief which can contain THC levels around 70%.

The best way to vape kief that has been collected over time is to layer it in the chamber of the vaporizer between layers of ground flower. Properly grinding material is essential to patients having a positive experience with medical marijuana because it allows them to get the absolute most out of their medical marijuana purchase.

Similar to vaporizers, there’s also a vast market of grinders to choose from. The ones that allow users to collect kief can be purchased online typically for around $20 or so.

Regularly Clean Your Vaporizer

Cleaning a vaporizer can have a bigger impact than you realize. Having a properly cleaned vaporizer is the key to safely inhaling medical marijuana products without wasting any flower. When a vaporizer isn’t cleaned properly it can lead to an unpleasant aftertaste or clogs that render the device unusable.

Luckily for patients, cleaning a vaporizer is fairly simple and typically can be done with a few items you can find around the household.

All it takes for patients to know how to properly clean their device is to consult the instruction manual that came with the device. Typically most vaporizers can be cleaned by applying rubbing alcohol to the area around the mouthpiece with a q-tip then using a different alcohol-soaked q-tip to clean the chamber. Before using the device again, it’s advised to give the device some time to dry.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card Today to Access Cannabis Products in Ohio

Vaping medical marijuana provides a multitude of benefits to those who have been willing to give it a try. Not only is vaping medical marijuana a safer alternative to smoking it, but it is also a faster, more effective way of experiencing the benefits of medical marijuana.

Getting your medical marijuana card is the only way to experience the relief vaping cannabis provides without any legal repercussions. The first step to experiencing the benefits of vaping medical marijuana is making an appointment with a certified medical marijuana physician who can get you approved for a medical marijuana card in Ohio today.

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