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License Granted For Ohio Marijuana Testing Facility

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program has been busy granting licenses. Today they granted a new license to a private testing facility. This brings the total number to three.

The testing facilities are as follows:

  • ACT Laboratories, Inc. (newly added)

  • Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus

  • North Coast Testing Laboratories, LLC

Testing facilities are paramount to the marijuana cultivation industry as they test the product for purity. Because of Ohio's strict guidelines about cultivating, testing, processing and selling marijuana, several companies within the medical marijuana industry have been delayed in starting their businesses.

However, the tide is turning as cultivators are now growing marijuana. And soon, thanks to these licences, processors and testing facilities will be open. This means it will only be a matter of time until dispensaries welcome patients.

We at Ohio Marijuana Card know how frustrating it has been for medical marijuana card recipients that dispensaries are not open just yet, and are not likely to open until late 2018/early 2019. As a marijuana card holder myself, I share your frustration. Though a marijuana card grants patients an "affirmative defense" to possess, transport and use marijuana, many cannot buy cannabis very easily and have been hoping dispensaries would open sooner rather than later.

As always, Ohio Marijuana Card will keep you up to date on all Ohio medical marijuana news so that our customers, readers and medical marijuana advocates are well-informed about this issue. Fingers crossed that we'll see dispensaries by the end of the year! In the meantime, find out if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

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Patricia Mancine-Mraz
Patricia Mancine-Mraz
Sep 30, 2018

I used to be on Oxycodone, until they yanked them from me a few months ago. I was treated like an addict when I wasn't one. They sent me to a pain management clinic that doesn't seem to care much that I have chronic pain from head to toe practically... They gave me Ketamine based cream (a small container) and told me to learn "Reflexology!" quality of life has gone down every since, as if it could go down more than it already was. I'm going crazy with all of the delays with getting the dispensaries open. I'm sure everyone is pretty frustrated though...I'm saying my prayers!

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