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Marijuana Dispensaries in Ohio: The Status of Recreational Marijuana

Ohio’s journey toward legalizing recreational marijuana has been a topic of great interest and anticipation. With ongoing legislative efforts and a growing marijuana market, residents and potential consumers are eager to understand the current status and future prospects of recreational marijuana in the state. 

This article delves into the latest developments, the importance of medical marijuana, and why obtaining a medical marijuana card remains crucial amidst the evolving legal landscape.

Current Status of Recreational Marijuana in Ohio

Ohio has been making strides towards acting on the legalization of recreational marijuana, with a new Senate plan. Recently, a state committee approved regulations for medical dispensaries to apply for licenses to sell both medical and recreational marijuana. 

However, despite these efforts, the rollout of recreational marijuana has faced significant delays. Dispensaries across the state are prepared, but the finalization of recreational marijuana rules has been slow, creating a sense of uncertainty among both businesses and consumers.

Several dispensaries in Ohio, such as Curaleaf in Cuyahoga Falls and Newark, and RISE dispensaries in Lakewood, Lorain, and Cleveland, are eager to apply for dual licenses that will allow them to serve both medical and recreational customers. 

Paul Chialdikas of Curaleaf and Dan Shaker of Green Thumb Industries have expressed their readiness to handle the expected high demand and ensure smooth operations once recreational sales begin. Until the regulations are finalized and licenses are granted, these dispensaries remain medical only and in a state of anticipation.

Why Medical Marijuana Is Still the Right Choice

Medical marijuana has been legally available in Ohio since 2016, providing patients with a safe and effective treatment option for various conditions. It offers several benefits over recreational marijuana, including:

  • Personalized Care: Medical marijuana patients receive personalized care and guidance from certified healthcare providers, ensuring they get the right strain and dosage for their specific condition.

  • High Potency: Medical marijuana products often have higher potency levels compared to what recreational products will have, which can be crucial for patients with severe symptoms.

  • Legal Protections: Medical marijuana cardholders have legal protections that recreational users do not, including the ability to possess higher quantities and access to a wider range of products.

Maintaining a medical marijuana card in Ohio offers significant financial advantages. Medical marijuana purchases are exempt from the additional excise tax that is expected to be imposed on recreational sales. 

This tax could be as high as 10%, making medical marijuana a more cost-effective option for patients who rely on it for their treatment. Additionally, the state has recently rescinded registration fees for medical marijuana patients, further reducing the financial burden on them.

The Importance of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana patients have access to a broader selection of products, including higher potency options and specialized formulations that may not be available to recreational users. This access is crucial for patients who need specific types of marijuana to manage their conditions effectively.

As recreational marijuana becomes available, there is a risk of supply shortages due to the high demand. Medical marijuana cardholders will have priority access to products, ensuring they can continue their treatment without interruption. Dispensaries like Firelands Scientific have already taken steps to prepare for the increased demand by hiring additional staff and upgrading their technology systems to ensure efficient service for medical patients.

Obtaining and maintaining a medical marijuana card provides long-term benefits and stability for patients. Despite the uncertainties surrounding recreational marijuana regulations, the medical program has established guidelines and protections that ensure patients receive consistent and reliable access to their medication. This stability is particularly important for individuals with chronic conditions who rely on marijuana for their daily well-being.

Challenges and Future Prospects

One of the challenges facing the rollout of recreational marijuana in Ohio is the imposition of moratoriums by various communities. At least 47 Ohio communities, including Lakewood, have imposed temporary bans on recreational dispensaries. This means that even though the state legalized recreational marijuana, the availability of dispensaries may be limited in certain areas, affecting consumer access.

Despite the delays and local moratoriums, dispensaries across Ohio are preparing for the eventual rollout of recreational marijuana. Companies like Curaleaf and Green Thumb Industries are drawing on their experiences from other states to ensure a smooth transition. They are implementing measures such as separate lines for medical patients, hiring additional staff, and upgrading technology to handle the expected influx of recreational customers.

Dispensary operators are actively encouraging medical marijuana patients to remain engaged in the medical program, highlighting the benefits and cost savings of maintaining their medical marijuana card. With potential supply shortages and higher taxes on recreational products, staying within the medical program ensures patients have access to the products they need at a more affordable price.


The status of recreational marijuana in Ohio is evolving, with significant legislative efforts underway and dispensaries preparing for the anticipated changes. However, delays and local moratoriums have created a sense of uncertainty, emphasizing the importance of obtaining and maintaining a medical marijuana card. 

Medical marijuana offers numerous benefits, including personalized care, higher potency products, legal protections, and financial incentives. As the state navigates the complexities of legalizing recreational marijuana, medical patients are encouraged to stay engaged in the medical program to ensure continuous and affordable access to their medication.

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