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  • Jordan T. Smith

Medical Marijuana is an Effective Option for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

People living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are often forced to deal with symptoms that can make completing even the most mundane tasks excruciatingly difficult. Given the fact that there's no cure for IBD that’s currently available to those living with it, they are left to use treatment methods that provide only temporary relief.

Unfortunately, some of the medicines available over-the-counter for treating pain associated with IBD provide mixed results.

Thankfully, here in Ohio, people suffering from IBD can get a medical marijuana card to help overcome symptoms associated with IBD. Continue reading below for more insights about why medical marijuana can provide the therapeutic benefits people living with IBD are searching for.

How Medical Marijuana Cannabinoids Can Halt the Inflammation Process

Research on the relationship between medical marijuana and pain that people experience resulting from IBD is only anecdotal so far. Even though that’s the case, it clearly illustrates why cannabis is effective for pain management in IBD patients.

In the scientific experiments conducted with mice, researchers discovered that if endocannabinoids are missing, the body loses the ability to manage the inflammation process. This leads neutrophils, a specific sort of white blood cell, to attack the protective, intestinal layer of the stomach.

The belief among scientists is that cannabis is capable of making up for the natural cannabinoids that IBD patients are missing in the first place. That’s why the consumption of cannabis can provide the anti-inflammatory effects people suffering from IBD are often seeking. While this explanation is based on anecdotal evidence from scientists, it provides a promising basis to conclude that cannabis could be a highly-effective pain relief option for people hoping to overcome pain caused by IBD.

The symptoms that people deal with as a result of IBD are capable of preventing them from performing some of the most basic tasks. Taking that into consideration, the developments around medical marijuana for IBD proves to be great news for the 1.6 million people living with it nationwide.

Medical Marijuana Can Treat Numerous Symptoms That Result from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are numerous symptoms people with IBD suffer from. They include abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, poor appetite and cramping. According to a 2021 survey featuring responses from 292 IBD patients, respondents claimed that abdominal pain and nausea were the symptoms that were easiest to eliminate using medical marijuana.

The vast majority of respondents claimed that medical marijuana was ineffective at treating diarrhea caused by IBD. The method of medical marijuana consumption could also serve as a factor in how effective medical marijuana is at treating symptoms associated with IBD.

Another factor that could play a role in how effective medical marijuana is at treating symptoms resulting from IBD is the CBD to THC ratio. A 2018 review revealed that full-spectrum CBD, which contains small THC levels was effective at helping to boost quality of life for people suffering from IBD. CBD has increased in mainstream popularity in recent years due to the fact that it possesses anti-anxiety properties, without the feeling of intoxication that THC provides. Additionally, there’s a wide variety of products containing CBD to choose from.

Best Medical Marijuana Products For Relief From Inflammatory Bowel Disease Symptoms

While there is evidence backing the idea that medical marijuana is effective for people living with IBD, there are still questions about whether smoking cannabis is the best course of action to relieve pain in IBD patients. Since that’s the case, there are numerous other non-smokable medical marijuana products that provide relief to people suffering from IBD. Those products include:

  • Medical Marijuana Tinctures:

Cannabis tinctures like the 30ml Energy Tincture found at Rise Dispensaries are taken sublingually. Simply select the dosage desired using the dropper, then place the oil underneath the tongue.

  • Medical Marijuana Capsules

Medical Marijuana tinctures are ideal for people suffering from IBD because they’re self explanatory, and are taken just like any other medication. Cannabis capsules like the Wellspring Fields capsules that are available at Terressanna Dispensaries are a great option for people hoping to use medical marijuana for relief from IBD symptoms.

  • Medical Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis edibles like the 22mg Mon Cherry Hybrid Gummies available at Rise Dispensaries are another solid choice for medical marijuana patients in need of relief from IBD symptoms. Edibles come in a variety of flavors and forms, too so don’t feel restricted to just candy options.

Medical Marijuana is an Option for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment in Ohio - Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card Today to Get the Relief You Desire

Living with IBD is difficult without effective options for pain relief. Since there’s no cure for IBD yet, the fact that Ohio allows IBD patients to treat their symptoms with medical marijuana is a welcome development.

Securing a medical marijuana card for IBD symptoms is simple, too! After getting any questions that you have answered by patient support specialists either online or over the phone at (866)457-5559, make an appointment with an Ohio licensed medical marijuana physician who can get you approved. Doing so could provide you with therapeutic relief that makes living a pain-free life possible.


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If you have any questions, call us at (866) 457-5559, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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