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  • Olivia Castro

New Dispensary Opens in Columbus, Ohio!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

New Strawberry Fields Dispensary Opens in Columbus, Ohio

This week, Columbus, Ohio welcomed its fifth medical marijuana dispensary to the neighborhood, Strawberry Fields!

Strawberry Fields is owned by Jimmy Gould who is from Cincinnati and led the 2015 marijuana legalization measure. Although that measure failed, Gould is still heavily involved in the marijuana industry and pushing for change within the community.

If you’re wanting to enter the new Strawberry Fields dispensary, you first need your Ohio medical marijuana card. We can help you receive yours today! Start by booking an appointment with us online or calling our compassionate patients support staff for more details

Many in the community have mixed feelings about Strawberry Fields dispensary coming to the neighborhood. Initially Strawberry Fields had applied for a license in 2018 and was denied due to the 15% quota allocated to minority-owned businesses. A judge found this unconstitutional in 2019 and granted them their licenses to begin construction in 2020.

Many have mixed feelings about how Strawberry Fields went about getting their license in Columbus but as long as they do good by the community, most Columbians will welcome them with open arms.

Today, Strawberry Fields has four other locations in Ohio which were transferred to Columbia Care last month. The Columbus location of Strawberry Fields will be operated on its own and Gould claims he doesn’t plan on transferring ownership of the dispensary in the future.

Currently, there are 57 dispensaries in all of Ohio with three opening soon. Back in April, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved 73 new dispensaries to come to Ohio. This would total the dispensary count to 130 dispensaries across the state. If Strawberry Fields isn’t near you, not to worry, one will be soon!


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