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  • Olivia Castro

Ohioans Think Dispensary Prices Are Too High

While Ohio has had a medical marijuana program since 2016, there are still a lot of concerns that Ohioans have when it comes to the program. One of the biggest concerns is about dispensary pricing.

At Ohio Marijuana Card, we recently performed a patient survey with over 3,500 Ohio participants. The survey was very telling and truly showed how patients feel about the medical marijuana program in regards to dispensary pricing.

Question 1: How satisfied are you with the following aspects of the Ohio medical marijuana program?

In our survey, we asked how satisfied the participants were with the Ohio medical marijuana program. We asked specifically for the participants to speak on the product variety at dispensaries, the quality of products, the pricing and the number of dispensaries open in the state. The participants shared if they were satisfied, somewhat satisfied, neither satisfied or unsatisfied, somewhat unsatisfied or unsatisfied with these four categories. Below is a chart of the results:

We found that while participants were mostly satisfied with the product variety at dispensaries and the quality of the products available to them, they were also mostly unsatisfied with the prices at dispensaries and the number of dispensaries open in Ohio.

This makes complete sense from an economic standpoint alone. If there is a small amount of dispensaries in the state, then those businesses can charge more for their products simply because the product is harder to get.

Back when the program first began, 60 dispensaries were given licenses to open since it was estimated that there would be 12 - 24,000 medical marijuana patients in the state. Today, there are over 92,000 medical marijuana patients in Ohio! This number has far surpassed what was estimated so of course there aren’t enough dispensaries for the demand.

Great news though! The Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved of 73 more dispensaries to open in the state before the end of the summer. This will total the number of dispensaries in the state to 130 which will in turn bring the dispensary prices down since there is more competition.

Question 2: Rank from most to least desired which of the following changes you would like to see applied to the Ohio medical marijuana program.

The second task that we gave to our participants of the survey was to rank from the most to the least desired change that they would like to see applied to the Ohio medical marijuana program.

The categories were homegrow, reciprocity with neighboring states, increase number of dispensary locations, lower product prices at dispensaries, allow to possess more than a 90-day supply of medical marijuana, allow combustion/ be able to smoke medical marijuana and allow to purchase medical marijuana in different quantities than just 2.83, 5.66 or 14.15 grams. Below is a chart of the results:

Of our participants, 41.48% ranked lower product prices at dispensaries as the number one change they would like to see applied to the Ohio medical marijuana program. The second change that the participants would like to see is the option of homegrow.

While seemingly different, these two are actually connected!

For people who are concerned about dispensary prices, growing your own medical marijuana products at home is the best option. It allows patients to take their health care and budget into their own hands!

The third most important aspect that participants would like to change is the number of dispensary locations. As mentioned before, this also plays a role in dispensary pricing. Good thing 73 more dispensaries are coming to Ohio this year!

Question 3: How satisfied are you with the following aspects at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries?

We asked our participants how satisfied they were with specific aspects at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries. We asked them about customer service, hours of operation, pricing and discount options and menu variety. The participants shared if they were satisfied, somewhat satisfied, neither satisfied or unsatisfied, somewhat unsatisfied or unsatisfied in these categories. Below are the results are the survey:

The participants in our survey were satisfied and somewhat satisfied with customer service, hours of operation, and the menu variety but they were not satisfied with the pricing and discount options at dispensaries.

This question continues to show how important pricing is for Ohio medical marijuana patients.

In order to support our patients, we write a blog every month featuring dispensaries that have monthly discounts! Check out our recent blog on May dispensary deals and keep an eye out every month for them.

Question 4: How much do you spend each month, on average, at the dispensary on medical marijuana products?

We also asked our participants to tell us a general range of prices that they spend each month at dispensaries on medical marijuana products. Below are the results:

A majority of our participants, 34.13%, shared that they are spending between $151 - $300 at dispensaries on their medical marijuana products per month. Second to that, 28.29% of people shared that they are spending up to $150 a month on average. That's 62% of people spending as much as $300 a month on their medication! Around 30% of people are even spending between $301 - $600 a month on products.


Based on our data from this survey, dispensary prices are a big problem in Ohio.

Ohioans deserve to have their medication at a fair price that is affordable. It is not enough for the state to simply legalize a medical marijuana program. They also have to allow it to be accessible for those dealing with debilitating medical conditions.

Many of our patients are already struggling financially from medical expenses or care that they need on a daily basis. Medical marijuana should offer relief, not another stress factor.

Although these problems may seem never ending, the opening of 73 more dispensaries in the state will greatly help. It will bring down dispensary prices and allow access for more people in Ohio.

If you’re looking to get your medical marijuana card, we can help! Call us or schedule an appointment online today.

You deserve relief today and every day!


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