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  • Alec Chenkus

New Medical Marijuana Cultivator Added To Ohio's Program

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Green Thumb Industries Cultivation Facility
One of Green Thumb Industries' Cultivation Facilities

Exciting news for Ohio's medical marijuana industry as Green Thumb Industries (GTI) was awarded a cultivation license in Ohio after appealing initial denial from the Ohio Department of Commerce! GTI's cultivation facility will be located in Toledo, in addition to a processing and manufacturing facility that will "produce GTI's branded product portfolio."

Green Thumb Industries and RiSE Logos
Green Thumb Industries Holds 5 Dispensary Licenses Under The Name "RiSE"

GTI currently operates three operational dispensaries in Ohio under the "RiSE" brand name, with locations open in Toledo, Lorain, and, most recently, downtown Cleveland. RiSE will plans to have their two other dispensary locations in Lakewood operational later in 2019.

The GTI brand portfolio includes brand names such as Rythm, Dogwalkers, The Feel Collection, incredibles, and Beboe, among others, although GTI has not confirmed which brands they will be bringing to the Ohio medical marijuana market.

Looking at the brand names that GTI announced in their press release, we can examine what medical marijuana products Ohio patients might find at dispensaries in the future:

Currently available in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, Rythm products include "vape" and "concentrates" options. In the vape category, products include Ryhtm Singles (disposable concentrated vape pens), Ryhtm Hits (traditional glass concentrated vape cartridges), Rythm for PAX (concentrated vape pods that can be used with a mobile app); while in the concentrates category products namely include sugar, sauce, and rosin. This seems a likely brand that will make its way to Ohio dispensaries at some point, possibly even as one of the initial processed products available from GTI.

Rythm Cannabis Products
Rythm's Full Cannabis Product Line

Currently available in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Nevada; Dogwalkers' only product is pre-roll joints available in "Mini Dog" (5-oack of 0.35 gram joints) and "Big Dog" (0.75 gram joints) options, so we can expect not to see this product in Ohio unless the smoking ban is lifted.

This looks to be a newer brand from GTI with operations currently in Maryland and Florida, and operations "coming soon" in Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Products include grape seed oil tinctures available in options named "Feel Relaxed" (Indica), "Feel Energized" (Sativa), "Feel Dreamy" (1:1 CBN:THC), "Feel Comfort" (2:1 CBD:THC & 10:1 CBD:THC options). The Feel Collection also includes full-plant RSO that can be taken under your tongue, ingested, or applied as a topical. I would highly expect that, at the very least, the tinctures come to the Ohio market as one of GTI's first processed products.

The Feel Collection Cannabis Products
The Feel Collection's Full Cannabis Product Line

Originally founded in 2010, incredibles brand cannabis chocolate bars have grown into Colorado’s highest-volume, and the most nationally awarded, infused product company. The branding stretches across incredibles, which includes infused chocolates, gummies, mints, and tarts; incredibles extracts, which includes sauce e-pen cartridges, "Black Diamonds" THC-A crystals, "Black Label" live resin, and "Yellow Label" concentrates; and incredibles wellness, which includes bath salts, suppositories, tablets, tinctures, and also topical patches coming soon.

Cannabis-infused pastille edibles and concentrated vape pens in THC, CBD, and mixed ratio options. I don't foresee this brand coming to Ohio as it is only available in California and Colorado.

GTI's team brings with them experience from 12 different state operations, including 13 manufacturing facilities and 95 retail dispensary locations, so we can expect them to hit the ground running to get operations started and products on dispensary shelves. This is welcome news, as an increase in competition among cultivators and processors will ultimately be most consequential in lower prices for patients!

GTI joins currently operational cultivators including Firelands Scientific, Ancient Roots, Grow Ohio, Agri-Med Ohio, Standard Wellness, Hemma, Ohio Clean Leaf, Pure Ohio Wellness, Riviera Creek, Farkas Farms, Wellspring Fields, Buckeye Relief, Cresco Labs, Galenas, and Ascension BioMedical; and currently operational processors including Grow Ohio, Standard Wellness, Wellspring Fields, Buckeye Relief, and Green Investment Partners.


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Ohio Marijuana Card

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