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  • Ashley Slimak

New Updates to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Caregiver Registration

Ohio medical marijuana caregiver registration

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy has issued updates to the medical marijuana program in regards to caregivers.

A medical marijuana patient can now have three caregivers and caregivers can now have three patients at once. The state hopes this new update can help expedite the patient caregiver process, along with reducing exposure to higher risk patients during this time.

Caregivers now have two options to submit their registration application to the state. First, the patients’ recommending physician will submit the caregiver and patient's name to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy medical marijuana registry following the patient’s recommendation for medical marijuana. This process is recommended to be implemented now by using telemedicine.

Caregivers can now also submit their Caregiver Registration Application directly to the state board. The $25 registration fee still applies. After the board reviews the application and approves it, the caregiver will receive an email. However, this option is only available to patients who are already active in the registry.

These new patient caregiver guidelines will remain in effect until the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy decides further.


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